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Grrrrrr Doctors!!!

I hate my doctor, she's [email protected] :mad: I had my thyroid and parathyroid removed over 10 years ago when they found a tumour in it so have been on thyroxine ever since. I've been feeling quite ill recently and it got really bad the last couple of days so I went in and this time saw a new doctor who read my notes properly! It turns out the last few times I had my blood done she didn't even test my thyroid function and the very last time it was checked (in February!) the results showed I'm hypothyroid again... but they never told me this even when I rang to *check* the results or on *any* occasion since, when they have scanned over my results gor other things. :confused:

So I've been hypothyroid again since February and nobody's been doing anything about it despite me going to the doctors on a multitude of occasions and phoning back after endless blood results!

Im really quite angry that this has happened :mad: but also Im glad that at least they have now upped the thyroxine so hopefully Ill be less slow and tired and it might be a little bit easier to get the weight shifting. Still not feeling very well though :(
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Thats awful! I wont pretend to understand the implications lol lol. But glad they have finaly realised and sorted your medication! I think you should make a formal complaint about not recieving important test results! If you cant trust your doctors who can you trust! xxx
On the positive side - look how well you've with your weight loss despite being hypo - that's a fantastic achievement, well done!
That's really crappy, hope u start to feel better soon
That stinks Ermintrude. Hopefully things will get easier for you now you've got the right meds.
Thanks lovelies, feeling a little bit better today. :) Maybe Ill be less grouchy now Im on the right meds :eek: :D Grrrrr I thought things were going a bit slowly but put it down to me being a lazy arse :(
I am hypo too and take 200mg of thyroxine a day.

No one who as not suffered the effects of hypothyroidism can begin to understand how awful it is.

You have done so well all things considered.
Looking at your stats you have lost 58.5 lbs in less than 6 months and you are not even on your correct medication. I think you have done brilliantly. I started at New year and I've lost 16lbs. I seem to put on and lose the same 2 or 3 lbs every couple of weeks. I'm doing something wrong but i don't know what.
OMG, that is disgusting Ermintrude!! Thank goodness for the new doctor who has finally sorted things out for you. I think you need to make a formal complaint though. I work for the NHS and you would not believe how many people one doctor can see. If that doctor has messed things up for you...how many other patients have they potentially messed up? I dont understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of the condition, but surely taking the wrong dose of medications could lead to serious implications. I really strongly advise that you complain and make sure that the doctor is checked to make sure they haven't made any other mistakes.

Sorry for the essay :) :eek:

So glad to hear that you are feeling better now though :hug99:
Yeah, its this one doctor, she's a new one in training and this isn't the first time she's ballsed things up for me. She's forever referring me to the wrong people/place, prescribing stuff that's not ideal or even not prescribing things cos she thinks they're "too risky" (I have epilepsy so inevitably those tablets have a *possible* chance of interacting with others, but theres not a lot they dont interact with, thats the risk you take). On this occasion it was antibiotics - I cant have penicillin cos Im allergic to it, so the usual substitute is erythromycin, which I've taken a million times before with no problem, but she didn't want to prescribe it because it "might" interact with the Tegretol. So she didnt know what to prescribe and had to ring another doctor. FFS its been fine the last fifteen years, Im sure it'll also be fine now! :confused:

Once she referred me to a dept in the wrong borough!!! So obviously they rejected me, so Im still waiting for an appointment as I have to go through the rigmarole all over again. Another time she tried to refer me to rheumatology when my calcium was abnormal, *I* had to tell her it was endocrinology because of my parathyroid! She's useless. (She even wears trainers to work! Grrrr!)

Fortunately I have a background in medicine so can contest her if I think she's making a mistake, but obviously most people dont. I appreciate everyone has to learn, but I do wonder sometimes how she got through med school :( :confused:

The guy I saw after that though was an absolute star, a really nice guy, sent me for bloods and an ECG straight away, upped my thyroxine, apologised and said he didn't know why it hadn't been picked up on in February and he'd discuss it with the other doctor. I'm going to try and get him again next time! :sigh:
Looking at your stats you have lost 58.5 lbs in less than 6 months and you are not even on your correct medication. I think you have done brilliantly.
Thanks :) I was a bit disappointed with things going a bit slowly at first as last time I did SW and lost a lot I was losing 3, 4, 5 pounds a week or more as I am *SO* overweight. So 2 pounds seemed a bit disappointing but I just put it down to me not getting out of the house much this time so not getting enough exercise. Also I think looking back I was too strict and obsessed with SW last time, Im a lot more relaxed about it this time round and I eat healthily instead of like a rabbit. :D But maybe upping the thyroxine wil up my energy usage a bit :)
This medication your on Ermintrude - if you have too much do you loose weigh more quickly? If so ,what are the side effects and how do I get me some :)

On a serious note, if you are having issues with your GP you have the right to change to another one. My OH is doing this as we speak after his last appointment with his GP - I was there to witness first hand what a complete waste of space the moron was and hell will freeze over before i let him go back there. I swear them being contracted to the NHS instead of actually employed by it has made things worse.
That's disgusting I have no trust and confidence in dr's hope you start to feel better soon . And you have done brilliantly :)
This medication your on Ermintrude - if you have too much do you loose weigh more quickly? If so ,what are the side effects and how do I get me some :)
Heh heh you sure do :) In fact the only time in my life I've lost weight without trying I was having a ball and thinking wow, why has it taken my life this long to get sorted out? That was a few months before they found the damn tumour and removed it, then life went back in the slow lane :( I *loved loved loved* being hyperthyroid, it was the best time of my life! :)

Yeah I like the actual surgery I'm at but with all the cuts and stuff you dont get advance appointments any more, you just have to start calling at 5 to 9 and theyll allocate you a slot that morning. I used to see an amazing doctor there but now she's gone on to specialist stuff and I always get the trainee. The guy I saw was an afternoon slot so I think that might be the trick - only be sick during afternoon surgery. :rolleyes: Next time Ill just ask who Im seeing and ask to be seen by someone else, unless its an emergency. God help me in an emergency! :rolleyes: :D

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