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  1. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member really annoys me when people can't be happy for you when you lose weight. They are terrified that you might dare to give them a run for their money in the looks stakes and can't help but try and stick the knife in. My "friend" just said... oh how did it go at weigh in, so I told her. well done she said, although the problem with these diets is the weigh goes back on just as fast afterwards. I wanted to slap her. So I just said not at all...that will only happen if you go back to your old habits.

    It makes me sooooo cross. If I had given up alcohol with a drinking problem would she have said, well the thing is as soon as you go into a pub you'll start drinking again. No ...I doubt it very much.

    You know what... bollox to all those jealous insecure people... I don;t need it!

    Rant over xxxx lol
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  3. Blonde Logic

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    Hi PB. People are funny creatures sometimes. When their comfort zone is the least little bit shaking, by someone elses doing and not their own, they do react in the strangest ways.

    I have only heard that comment once, and it was actually in a supportive manner. My friend said, "You have to be careful afterwards so you don't gain it back - it would be a shame to do all the hard work you are doing adn tehn have that happen!" Now taht to me was a perfectly reasonable thing to say - and it was said in a supportive manner.

    Sometimes, it is maybe because I tend to pre-empt that dreaded comment, and when I am telling someone about LL, I say what we do, and then I add "and of course I must do a lot of mental work as well so as not to fall back into my old habits, which I know with certainty will never happen - because I am choosing NOT to let it happen." They have no argument for that!

    People get used to us being fat and they get comfortable with that. When I was younger, I had a few friends in relationships who used to tell me their boyfriends really liked me and trusted them to go out with me any time, unlike some of their other girlfriends who they felt would lead her astray....etc. It made me feel good, then I would think "wait a minute - they only feel safe about her being with me because with me around - we couldn't pull any boys anyway!! Who'd be interested!!?" (Glad I am silencing that old negative chatter. It had no idea what it was talking about anyway. ;)) SO there ya go.

    People are gonna have to get to used to a whole now you. And me. And him. And her. And alllll of us doing this. Watch out world! ;)

    (gee whiz - I just read that back - and I sound like I am half-way in control of myself! LOL - Rather a new feeling too!)
  4. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    hehe good for you. You seem to have your head in the right place.
  5. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

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    It makes it easier for them to think that all the effort you're going to will be wasted in the longterm - and that's EXACTLY why we have to prove them wrong! They're using it as an excuse not to do something about their own issues, and just projecting it onto you. Ignore it. I'm getting the same too, and everyone was worried that I had chucked all my big clothes out..... in case I need them! I told them I will NEVER be needing them again thank you very much!
  6. tiffanydiamond

    tiffanydiamond Full Member

    It's a shame when people feel negative to what we are doing and i think that most of the time it's because they are looking at their selves negatively.
    What i came accross the other week was a girl a work with who is doing weightwatchers, she got upset when i lost my first stone so quickly and had to take herself away. it turns out that she had actually got heavier since she had started weightwatchers!!

    I refuse to tread on eggshells with regards to my success but i do take her feelings into account and have tried to positively encourage her, but as we all know we won't be succesful at weightloss until our head is in the right place!!
  7. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness

    Yeah I've had a few of these sorts of comments too, quite often from colleagues at work who I've told who maybe need to lose a few pounds thier self, I think they are really just a bit jealous that I'm doing something about it and it's really working, makes them think about themself a bit, had a few friends saying "hope you don't lose too much...dont go too far" think it's cos theyre used to me looking the way I do and are maybe a bit wary of me becoming a different person to the one they knew. Really 90% of people are very supportive though, and as Deb G said that's exactly why we have to prove the negative people wrong.
  8. zadra

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    yeah what Deb said. It is not always about being jaleous of you as well. sometimes people just don't know how the vcld diets work and there is also big group of people who lapsed and went back to old habits putting weight back on. They think that because they read in 'Reveal' or' love it' or any other crap magazine like some 'scientific facts' - they know it all. Personally I find it useful to ask suych person WHY she/he thinks so? and basically engage in a conversation about it. Like I said sometimes people just don't know.
  9. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    PB and all! Don't even get me started! I hear it all the time from certain jealous people! They just don't like seeing someone else happy with themselves!

    One gilr at work said to me "How slim do you actually want to go Shalini, do you want to be like me"? (she is a size 8)! Hello how dare she! So not nice! Can't stand people like that!
  10. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    hope you said, yes but with a personality :D
  11. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    I said no! I like to be slim, trim and have nice curves at the same time!, Not like stick without any meat! :) :)
  12. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

  13. Slimseaa

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