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Grumbling stomach


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
I cant say iv had a problem in the loo department so iv not thought about buying fibreclear. Ill try to drink more water though
I would say try to drink more water, i drink between 4-5ltrs a day. Have you tried the fibreclear? it really fills you up & helps you in the loo department xx
Hi still get the hunger pains and i drink loads of water, tea and coffee. As i haven't had any toilet trouble either i didn't really think about the Fibreclear.

Does it really help? Anyone else tried it?
im into week 12 now last night my tummy was rumbling and i drink 4lts of water a day, i dont feel hungry though!
iv always assosiated grumbling with hunger. im on day 9 and i still get them? Iv been so tempted to go to the fridge. just had my tea (shake) and feel a bit better. will the grumblings were off?


I will do this!!!
well im glad its kind of normal. Should i be in ketosis by now as im on day 9??


I will do this!!!
cheers :)
its quite normal mine sounds as if its talking to me and i am on week 9
I'm on week 17 and mine was grumbling like a good 'un this morning - makes a change from the OH!!!!!!!

Mine rarely does that but then it never has that much. It doesn't mean you are hungry though...
I've got my wk 4 weigh in tomorrow. I'm starving (well I think I am) I can't stop thinking about food, all day long i'm dreaming of cooking up some meal for when I get off. I keep drink water/tea and shakes and i'm getting from one shake to the next but it seems to be getting harder.....eeek :sigh:
I drink over 4l of water a day, on top of my shakes and coffee etc and my stomach is constantly trying to communicate with everyone!!
I certainly don't feel hungry most of the time and often it happens whilst I'm drinking the shakes!!
Think it's normal...at least I hope it is x


Gonna be slim again
My stomaches grumbling now to me and all i can think of is the advert with the big belly running after the man, "Bellies gonna get you":D - But NO!!! Im gonna get you belly!!!;)


I will do this!!!
I loved that advert it was so wrong but so funny!!

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