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I will do this!!!
I find that im more irritable at time then some times im happy as larry
i was grumpy in the first few days just cos i was hungry but now im normal and happy again oh except for totm. but thats expected of me and it only lasts 2 days
Im havinga bad one today and felt so grumpy felt like stuffing my face (but didnt)


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I'm the witch troll from hell on a VLCD - well, I'm that anyway but even more than normal ;)

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I do find I get grumpy sometimes but not sure if it is to do with totm. It could be tireness coz I haven't slept too well lately - not helped by having to get up for the loo during the night!

Hope you feel better soon. I usually find time on here cheers me up.



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i am a happy lil bunny!!!! even my totm doesnt rear its head - cept i get weepy for no reason but thats it.

Thats good its not just me, Im lke a demon all day and been on the verge of tears and thats not lke me and I cant use TOTM as an excuse at the moment
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I am as miserable as f* in the evenings, because I am so hungry. At least now my wife has started LT today perhaps she will understand the issues involved a bit more!!


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i was a devil woman for the first 5 weeks, but week 6 and 7 have been ok. i also noticed the week to ten days before totm i am evil too. never really had that prob before but do now.

i notice i am less tollerant, i guess its because we have to face issues now rather than eat them away!

if we can learn to handle things better, its better for our long term weight loss - as we wont reach for food. i find any appetite i had for shakes goes if i get stressed, so maybe i am changing to the other way, a starver in stress rather than a binger! ;)

i also felt purposeless without food, i am surprised how much it defined me! i have started a new habbit for the cinema now, i take in a black coffee rather than snacks and can really see me sticking to that one, its lovely having a hot drink and a movie :D

hope you feel better soon


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I can fluctuate from being very happy and bouncy to being exceptionally irritable. It doesn't happen too often though, usually I'm just the same as normal x

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
i notice i am less tollerant, i guess its because we have to face issues now rather than eat them away!
OMG you're like my psychic twin! lol My current Facebook status is something about how Gemma is developing a very low tolerance! lol

I'm ashamed to say it's people being content with being overweight that seems to be my latest trigger... :eek:


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If youve heard tell of a banshee then you might appreciate how bloody awful I am on LT,one day Im grand,next day I like a spitting devil.Husband cant wait till Im off it x
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Come off it girls, you are using LT as an excuse, women always have been, and always will be, as moody as hell!!!

Is it PST???



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my moods are up and down since lt some days i am so down i wanna cry! your not the only one hun


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I'm a mixture of both, When im happy, i'm really happy but when i'm down....God i'm just absolutely awful! The worst bit about it is that i can see what i'm being like, but just don't want to stop, kinda enjoy it...WIERD!!! then i give my head a wobble shake myself out of it and think what have my supportive boyfriend and 3year old son done to deserve it...nothing, so then i snap out of it!
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Hi guys,
I just thought I would let you know that I am on day 6 and I am sooooooooo hungry!! I have tried to keep myself busy with work and I have got two little girls so having to cook for them which is really hard. My fuse has definately been a lot shorter than usual and it hasn't helped that my 2 year old has chicken pox so I have had very little sleep too!!!!!!
I almost talked myself out of doing lipotrim about 7 times this week so far but hey ho I'm still plodding on. My 1st WI tomorrow which is keeping me going. I need to lose ov er 12 stone!! does anyone know of anybody who has lost a large amount like that on lipotrim who may be able to give me a bit of support as I am going to be on this programme for qiute a long time.
Day 2 of feeling off this is not good this keeps up I will have to rethink LT I cant go on biting he heads off my children for no reason
Nicola I am feeling exactly the same as you. On top of LT I am also 3 weeks into stopping smoking. I am so short fused at the moment, it doesnt help that my OH is quitting smoking too. Arguments galore here!

We argued tonight because I had the milk sitting on the bench and he said it was getting warm!! How stupid is that??:cry:So hes gone to work, and now we are not even speaking!

I cant physically afford to stop LT, my weight would start to affect my health in a few years if I left it as it was!

I just feel so low, constantly crying. I am on tablets to help me stop smoking and I think that they are part of it also!

Sorry for the rant :wave_cry:

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