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  1. princess farkie

    princess farkie Full Member

    .... only gone and ordered the starter pack along with the 3 e-book thingy-ma-jigs!! How excited am i??

    Am on day 3 of CD SS, already in ketosis and 4 lbs down since Wednesday morning but I'm already sooo desperate to eat. I don't wanna stuff my face silly or go on a binge, but a bowl of rice krispies would be soooo nice! To just be able to eat guilt free, simple, wholesome & filling foods will be soo nice!! I'm feeling really miserable on SS but need to do it to shift a big chunk of weight before taking a more 'normal' approach to food.

    So here's my plan, I'll do CDSS until I have around 1 stone to go then do a week or so on each of 790 + 1000 (maybe 1200) before transferring to Unit Diet to finish my journey (another stone or so). Thinking that the gradual increase in carbs will help prevent glycogen store related weight gain when I switch.

    Here's hoping for a massive loss on Tuesday's WI - a bit closer to being an official member of the TUDERS (that's if you'll have me of course)!!!
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  3. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Gold Member

    Hi and welcome how much do you have to loose if you dont mind me asking I have 6 stone eek but hopefully will be there for next summer, I have ss'd before but it was miserable and cant face it again my biggest tip is to do maintenance properly to the letter!! xx
  4. princess farkie

    princess farkie Full Member


    It's 25lbs ish in total - not a lot really - although not sure on my final goal! Thought i'd see how I feel when I get a bit neare the mark!

    My problem is that I self-sabotage every diet. On WW I was staving so I frequently went over points and then binged because I had broken the diet, on SW I had portion control issues as everything is free (depending on the day you have) so I used this as a licence to eat and blow my syns (always seemed to be playing catch up). So I'm hoping that with this diet and it's more relaxed approach, that I'll be able to exercise portion control and not stuff myself silly and learn to have a better relationship with food!!

    I'm hating SS at the moment. So nearly gave in to a bacon sandwhich earlier, but really wanna do it for the rest of this week and hoping to be 7lbs down on Tuesday's WI when I am sorely tempted to start CD790 for week or two depending on the losses and then move up again.

    So how are you enjoying the unit diet?
  5. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Gold Member

    I am loving the idea of it I am a self sabateur aswell so fingers crossed being allowed everything will knock that on head, finding it bit tricky as books have not come yet so am trying to look us stuff on jigsaw thread by searching for keywords lol x
  6. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Gold Member

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    Woohoo! You go girl!!!!
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