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Guess who caved in and ate...

...no of course it's not me.

My mother.

I went around to hers after overtime today and she confessed that she'd just had a salad sandwich because the mood swings were causing massive arguments between herself and her fiance every day.

*le sigh*

Why does her failing make me feel awful?
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awwww - u just have too keep ur mum motivated i think. maybe when she feels like a bulldog chewing a wasp she should whisk herself off for a nice candlelit bath and a good funny book or ask her fiance to go for a walk with her - hold hands and giggle lots.

a salad sandwich is a better cheat than a chinese takeaway though!!! Is she going back on LT now?

Maybe if she has 2 LT shakes and a salad sandwich one day a week and stick to LT religiously the rest of the time she will still lose weight?? Bit slower but still the amount of carbs and cals is still lower than any other diet. Dunno how ketosis would fair but two slices of bread - or pitta cant be more than 20 carbs so long as she doesnt put butter or marg or mayo/salad cream on it.

Maybe if she feels she is 'allowed' a salad pitta a week she will be able to look forward to it and the mood swings will become milder??

I dunno just making this up as i go along!!! :)


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Gave me a fright there! Thought it was you (couldn't believe it)
I can understand you feeling bad for your Mum, it's hard if you have a "buddy" to do it with and they bale out, but maybe it's just a slip and she'll get going again, hope so. xx
It's a bit harsh to think of her as a failure. try to think of it more as a slight slip up and help her fight the demons next time.
arr hugs hun you just wanna see ya mum do well and get where she wants to be just like you are. dont feel bad you never forced her to eat! hopefully she will get back on it but if she doesnt then maybe lt isnt for her if it is giving her mood swing good luck to ya mum and let us know what she does..
It's a bit harsh to think of her as a failure. try to think of it more as a slight slip up and help her fight the demons next time.
No it's not because I didn't say I think she's a failure. I said she failed at Lipotrim which is a fact.

She said herself she won't go out anywhere because she's ashamed of the way she looks. I just knew she wouldn't last and I wanted her to do it so much because I wanted her to be happy with herself.

She's tried everything going. Seriously.

She even had a tummytuck! And she just gained all of the weight back and more.

She told me last night she's the heaviest she's ever been but in the same breath said she didn't feel guilty about the sandwich.

She is not continuing with the diet.

There's nothing more I can do. I hardly ever see her anyway. In a way I just feel like I failed at getting her to do this successfully.
Gemma, you haven't failed. You did your best. Until your mum is in a place where she wants to do this and succeed then there is nothing you can do. I'm sorry your mum didn't last long but that is down to her not you. You have inspired many on here and are a wonderful daughter to try and help your mum.


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