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  1. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Long story short: I did Cambridge in 2009/10 and it worked a treat!
    quick results and Ketosos hype. Loved it.
    Life moved on: got married, had a baby, changed jobs - happy days...
    unfortunately put on lots of weight while being pregnant. Don't worry, they said, you'll breastfeed and loose all your weight. Right? Nope.
    Stayed at home with my LO for a year, didnt have energy, willpower or even time to think abt dieting. Now back to full time job so time is still an issue. I need smthg which would fit with my busy life. Being a working mum is the most demanding job in the world, So the diet needs to support my lifestyle not to be an additional burden.
    Since I moved I had to find a new Consultant, I think I stroke gold here. Whereas my previous one was OK, the new one in comparison is outstanding. She is full of energy, outgoing and cheerful but at the same time she listens and is very proactive. She also sends me daily bunch of emails with all kind if tools and information available. Plus I can relate to her as her story is fairly similar to mine: my kinda girl. so far so good: definitely rearing to go.

    So I got weekly supply, doing Step 2. I was meant to start on 1st Sep (tomorrow) but I thought, what the heck, I'm focused, I'm ready, I'm in the right place mentally (so I think!) I will start it there and then. So today was my first day. Kept gazzling my water and had my shakes (12:30, 16:00, meat with brocoli (steamed) at 19:00 and my last shake (21:00). Prepared my weekly food batch for one little meal for the whole week: salmon & brocoli (steamed). Two packs in the fridge - 5 frozen. It's easier as I seem to enjoy the same food for weeks in the end :)
    No headaches (as yet). some difficult moments between18:00-20:00 but hubby & family fully supportive so survived. Unlike the last time, I told absolutely everyone I know I'm doing CD. There is no way out now! Especially that I know there are few quite sceptical.. Have to prove them wrong! LOL
    Planning to go to sleep earlier just to survive remaining few hours. Dreading next three days as until Keto kicks in I'd be vulnerable. But I know I can do it and I will not let go of my dream. My plan is 12 weeks, no cheating - 100% discipline. More of the mind game than a diet. Wish me luck!
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  3. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

    You are absolutely right VLCD is more a mind game than anything else!
    I find that having a time limit is much easier for me than having a weight goal... So 12 weeks is a good strategy.

    Good ode luck with your journey. Keep us posted!

  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Thanks for warm welcome!

    Game is definitely on! Day two.

    Still waiting for terrible side effects. General triedeness kicked in but slogish feeling keeps switching to long awaiting buzz feeling. Back & forth. It's lurking in the background & I'm waiting for Ketosis to emerge. Feeling cold at times but that's ok, I know it is only an interim phase. 1st shake at 12:30...chocolate orange. Thanks got for CD shaker - it's a life saver at work. Had my 2 liters of water by 12:00.. Good I can have coffee & some herbal teas, otherwise it would have been very very though. Onwards & upwards. If I survive second day I will be 50% through my first goal: 4 days - 100%.

    One day at a time... Fingers crossed for today.

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