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guidance for getting a hard time on VLCD

Hi, I only just started 3 days ago and my hubby came out with the usual it's not healthy and dangerous to lose weight so quickly, bla-bla. I did explain that I really want it to work this time and he needs to be supportive which he seemed to have taken on board.
Today however we were out and about in the car and I was really thirsty but my water bottle was in the boot so he suggested I have his Iced Tea and when I said I couldn't he replied "this is going to drive you crazy!". How about just stopping the car and getting my water??
Will carry on regardless!


Bring on the trumpets
My partner...kept offering me minstrels and diet coke in the theatre last night.......then we went to my sisters who went on and on about how she couldn't do it.......and "are you not drinking"....what about this what about that.....
:blahblah: :blahblah:

......My other half is disappointed that I have stopped drinking wine..................geez trying to explain that food and wine have got me to this position in the first place....I sound like a broken record :argh:

My friend is doing W8 and because 'she wasn't herself' it must be the diet :argh:
She is fine...just a bit restless.
Thankfully I've not really had any bad feedback from friends and familys probably because none of them know anyone who has done a VLCD. They seem to think I am doing Slimfast or something. Oh well I let them think whatever they want to think.

As for the inital cravings, I just say to myself. What do I want more, The chocolate or to be slim!. I works for me ;)


Still Motivated
Hello slimmingagain and NewDawn. I was wondering how you are getting on now you are a few weeks in and would have lost some lbs. Are your family/friends/ OH's more supportive?

Love Myr xxx
I live on my own at the mo, as my OH hasn't relocated here yet.

Told a few of friends who are doing or have done similar.
My OH got informed.
Family don't know, and won't until it becomes an issue for catering purposes.
Work don't know, none of their business.

People will start to notice eventually and ask questions, by which time I may well 'come out'. A friend who did LL, when told it was unhealthy usually replied with 'Do I look unhealthy??', which generally works...
OH is wonderfully supportive
making endless black cuppas

my other mate brought me a packet of my favourite sweets!!!
WTF ??

I gave her them back, thanking her
I think that was because she forgot I was on exante
rather than an attempt to kybosh my diet
only a few at work know, but I work with men, and they don't ask, bless em
Last time I lost weight (3stone)
one of the managers asked my boss on the sly to make sure I wasn't Ill or something!



Lovin it !!! :)
TBH if anyone made the comment of VLCD being unhealthy, just remind them that being overwieght is actually the unhealthy part - trying to do something about it is not !
I am not eating is doing me some good

I have got an auto matic blood pressure machine
tested myself yesterday

blood pressure was the same as ever


Still Motivated
My OH is really good too but to be honest he really has no clue about VLCD programs anyhow.

I do not expect to see our seasonal circle of friends until I have done 8 weeks so the proof of the pudding as it were will be there (hopefully it will show :eek:) for all to see. :)

I do have to be careful and try to reel it in as I am nagging OH everytime he puts some bad carbs in his mouth. :sign0007:

"But I am hungry"
"Well you would not be if you at least ate low GI."

Love Myr xxx
Yes, my poor OH has been eating Salad !! in winter?
bless him

he works outside all week, and is not in any way fat

I told him about something I read about the average man & woman size in this country
women are now average size 16 with a size 34 waist

men size 38 waist

so he was pleased with that

I think OH is on tenderhooks a little, as he is waiting for mood swings

but I've not been that tetchy
I've been doing daft things like cleaning early or stuff like that to keep myself busy & away from food
Not had any hassle at all so far. Quite the opposite in fact, after seeing how well I've been doing my OH started the diet too today, as has a work colleague and several of the OH's family members are also interested. I should be on commission! :D

I don't make a song and dance about it and tend to only mention it if asked but it's not something I'm ashamed of.

I'm more ashamed of having let myself get this big for this long actually.........:eek:
Hello slimmingagain and NewDawn. I was wondering how you are getting on now you are a few weeks in and would have lost some lbs. Are your family/friends/ OH's more supportive?

Love Myr xxx
Hey Myr,

Well I'm now in week 8 of vlcd and my hubby IS more supportive now. Didn't realise how much his attitude changed until just now. :rolleyes: Last night again the car scenario.. we were visiting some friends and I planned to have a shake on the way home. The shake bottle rolled under one of seats in the car and I couldn't find it. He was actually very concerned about it as well trying to help me get it while driving on M25!

Thinking about it he also cooks more than usual recently so I don't need to spend that much time with food.

Good times!