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Loser ;)
Hi guys,

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and around 17 and a half stone. I am so happy to be pregnant but everytime I feel my baby kick I feel so guilty about my weight...I know I should be eating uber healthy and exercising and I try but I always fall off the wagon.

My last scan said something like 'scan difficult due to maternal bodily habitus' and I just feel so so guilty. I keep thinking that I am going to harm my baby because of my stupid eating habits but I can't seem to shake them!! I also have to have an extra growth scan and glucose tolerance test due to my BMI.

I just needed to get that off my chest as everyone I try to speak to just says 'oh don't worry, eat what you want while you're pregnant!' helpful not! x
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Are u on sw or ww? If not go along to a meeting , it's approved by midwife and will help u eat healthy
Firstly don't be too hard on yourself :)
Maybe if you let yourself have a little of what you fancy but eat healthy nearly all the time.
I'm trying to eat 3 healthy meals but nice food, and snack on fruit, but I also have a little chocolate most nights and it seems to be working so far. I also go for a little walk most days!
Good luck hun!


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There's not too much you can do now your pregnant, so just try to enjoy it because you'll never get it back...
Im sure your trying to eat as healthy as possible to do the best by your baby, and actually, thinking about the baby everytime you do want to be naughty might help - but everyone needs treats now and again.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and all the best with a healthy birth hun.
Lots of love,


Loser ;)
Thanks guys :) I am currently doing SW- trying to haha. I am going to just try to eat as healthy as possible and not beat myself up! xx
All you can do is eat healthy the best you can and be happy :) I know next week I am going swimming on a regular basis to help for relaxation and fitness, is that something you could do?


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oh hun i feel for u. they wrote that on my last scan notes last pregnancy. made me feel like ****! to tell u the truth im dreading my scans this time because im even bigger this time :( we should maybe set up a thread for weekly weigh ins, and try and stick to it. might encourage us all to stick to something if we are having to note it x


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id be in on a weigh in while pregnant, i go weigh in still but been so naughty


Loser ;)
I have been going swimming in my maternity costume :) just because it makes me feel better really, not cuz I am determined to lose weight...which I probably should be. I am just going to aim not to pile the lbs on, just eat when I am hunry and try to make better choices :s xxx
I love swimming and find it is relaxing but not to lose weight but help to feel fit during pregnancy and using muscles can help with birth, fingers crossed :)
I was in the same situation with my last baby, which is why at nearly 11 weeks I still haven't been to see my midwife. I'm really not looking forward to spending countless hours in hospital being tested, weighed and scanned... well the extra scanning's not so bad lol

All we can do now is make a real effort to eat healthy and do some light exercise, though I'm not doing a good job of it xx
I'd like a weigh in thread too, I'm not trying to lose weight just trying not to gain any, yet anyway.
A WI thread would be really good! Can't make it to group this week as I have a midwifes appointment but I'm going to go next week, just persevere! My midwife has been really supportive about my weight - I was dreading going because I though she was going to shout at me but she was just very matter of fact about my BMI - about going for extra scans, having a glucose test etc. She just really put my mind at ease :).

Over the last few days I have not been dieting as such but making a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg...I have found that I'm not craving the naughty foods because in my mind I'm not being 'bad' if you know what I mean. If I wrote it all down I would probably find Im actually doing SW to a tee...just doesn't feel like ?? xxx

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