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guilt :(


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today a cat ran in front of the car, couldnt stop in time and the side of the car hit it.

dont know if the cat was alive or if it died instantly but it started having fits, byt his time i was crying that much i could barely see, trying to move it out of the road so no other cats would go over it and it had another fit in my arms and went limp.

i know there was nothing that could have been helped, and we couldnt have slammed on the brakes but i just feel so guilty.
that was someones pet, a cat someone/family loved dearly and its gone

i cant get the image out of my head, i put the cat curled up under a bush and made it look like it was sleeping, it was just heartbreaking :cry:

how do you stop feeling so guilty?
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At least you stopped and got it off the road and you were there when it died, thats more than alot of people would do.
I've had 12 cats and one got knocked down a few months ago and the driver didnt even stop, just shot me a dirty look - my cat survived but the driver didnt know!

if it was my cat you had hit I wouldnt hold any grudges against you, if you let your cat out they have to take their chances. (my cat escaped, he wasnt allwoed out, only the back garden which is hemmed in).


Les Mills Fitness Freak
hopefully the RSPCA can track down its owners :(
Cats roam free and some run out into the road. I dont blame you for feeling bad- I would too, but it's not actually your fault and like Rowan says, most folk would have just left it in the road. You are clearly a good person !!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
my own cat is missing, and the photo i had on the poster is in black and white so someone thought that cat was ours. got a phonecall saying hes been run over, after them describing the cat thankfully it wasnt gizmo but it was still a shock :(

starting to feel a little better, just sad for the owners. sleeping is improving at least
i couldnt just leave the cat in the road, i didnt even want to leave it under the hedge and go to work, i wanted to wait with it until the rspca came :( there was a school girl waiting for a bus to school and she was in shock, poor girl couldnt even speak when we asked if she knew who's it was

i know people will just think "its cat, get over it" ect but to a cat lover its not something you just "get over"
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It is very sad, but you handled it kindly and respectfully which is all you could have done hon x
Awwww how awful for you. We lost our cat in June, he had been run over, I'd have been happier had the person called to let us know what happen, but we found out when our friend knocked on our door & told us.

It is heartbreaking, but you'll soon put this to the back of your mind & start to feel better in yourself and stop feeling so guilty.

I bet the owners have already found their cat & buried it, I'm sure they'll be relieved it was in 'one piece' and not badly run over.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i hope so happy holidays, thats why i wanted to find the owners first, if the cat wasnt chipped then how will the owners know though?

i keep waking where it happened and i dont know why i feel the need to.

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