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hi everyone
still reading everyones post, but not posted because i feel a bit of a fraud, I did the first week ss and lost 12llb which i was pleased about but also knew most of it was water, However i have become obsessed with the thought that if I stay on ss i would just pile the weight on again when i stopped, like last time when i was on LT. I kept beating myself up about it not be a relalistic diet for me as i really enjoy the wrong food and wine prob too much:(.
So i decided to adapt the diet to something that would be more sustainable in the longer term, trouble is i feel so guilty, and worried that it will not work, despite my common sense telling me it has too.
Pre diet would include lots of carbs, large meals, and wine usually everynight, i think more for self medication purposes than anything else,
Now since sat i have followed the principle of AAM, I have maybe 2 shakes in the day (not enough i know but im not hungry) then evening I will have food mainly from the AAM menu, usually around 100cal, I have also started walking every night cross country with the dogs for at least an hour, I drink between 5-6 litres a day of water, because I use bottle water its been easy just to have a bottle and glass next to me and it soon goes.
The only thing is on sat night we were invited into our new neighbours and they offered me a glass of wine eventually we had shared a bottle, not nearly the amount I would have consumed but enough to bring on a guilt trip which remains with me.
I think I have got to grips with the low fat low carb priniciple, but will I have lost weight, some days I think yes I feel lighter, then other times I think no ive not and probably put some of the 12llb back. Im not due to be weighed until tomorrow and dont have scales in the house,
Has anyone else adapted their diet like this and had all the associated feelings of worry and guilt, and did it work?
Sorry for rambling but I suppose until I get weighed in I wont settle:sigh:
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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Cambridge has various plans which mean you don't have to 'adapt' the diet but just shift to a plan that suits you better. I'm on 790 which means I have three packs and a lovely meal in the evening (low carb of course). Being under 800 cals and low carb means I stay in ketosis so will hopefully still see a decent loss. Last week (week 2) I lost 4lb which I was really pleased with considering I'd had a meal every night.

Having 2 packs and a small 100 cal meal really isn't enough you know. You're likely to be starving yourself of nutrients which will leave you feeling tired and lethargic and consequently more likely to weaken your resolve.
If you only want to have 2 packs then you'd need to move to the 1000 plan: a good way of having a bit more food and still achieve a reasonable average monthly loss.

As for the wine though - it doesn't really have a place on ANY of the CD plans as far as I'm aware. Alcohol is loaded with carbs and is just empty calories. It's one of those things that has to be put on the back burner until you're where you want to be weight-wise. The you can gradually incorporate it back into your life.

Why not have a chat with your CDC so you can lose weight using a plan that suits you best. I'm sure you'll feel more in control if you know that what you're doing is actually a structured plan and not a loose version of one. :)


Hi, I'm sorry to butt in but I have to say something - you are not eating enough :(

Two packs plus 100cal of AAM food just isn't enough for your body. If you're not getting all your nutrients, your body will panic on so few calories and work to conserve its fat stores by burning less fat and more muscle for fuel. Because muscle is what burns fat, you want to hang onto what you've got! As you lose muscle, your BMR will drop and you will need fewer calories in order to maintain, which means that in order to keep losing at the rate you want to lose at, you'll need to eat even fewer calories. It's a vicious cycle.

If you carry on with what you are doing, then you will stand a higher chance of piling weight back on again than if you follow the diet the way it's meant to be done (which will protect your muscles!) - remember, it's been scientifically developed and tested for decades, and if it was safe to have two packs + 100 cal then it would be an option - but it's not.

Please, please speak to your CDC or even your doc about this, and get their perspective on things. Losing weight is a big deal - go a little easier on yourself. One more pack per day is 137 calories - there are more than 25 of those to 1lb of fat. Having the extra one is not going to slow your losses - in fact, it will speed them up because you will be getting all your nutrients and your body won't be going into starvation mode.


Ooh RD, we were posting at the same time :)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Spooky!! ;)

Was that an echo I heard?
hi thanks russiandoll
I do intend to talk to my CDC tomorrow, its odd but I dont feel tired or ill in anyway, my husband even noticed that I have picked up the pace on our walks the last couple of nights. You are of course right and in the longer term it wont do me any good, which is exactly what Im aiming for (the long term), The thing is im not eating the meal because Im hungry its because of some weird way my mind is working at the moment, i that I dont want food to become an enemy, and I dont want my body to get used to not having food. I dont know I am in pickle at the moment. :confused:
Mollymooch, Your pre diet menu sounds pretty much like mine was and I too worry about putting the weight back on again. It was all too easy done. We need to face up to the fact that our way of eating has to change for good when we're finished losing the weight and I feel that keeping the weight off is almost the hardest part. I have talked to the nurse at my GP surgery about this and she's agreed that it would be good for me to go to the weekly weigh ins with the dietitian at the surgery AFTER I've lost the weight. That way I can learn to eat properly and keep the weight off. I'm sure that we will still be allowed the things we like but in moderation. Knowing that I plan to do that removes the worry for me.

I started last Monday on SS and had a slip up through the week and have since changed over to 790. I lost weight on that plan before ( 32lbs in 8 weeks) and loved it so I'm going to stick with it for now. I like the fact that I get my meal at the end of the day and get that full feeling ( strange that I rarely felt that before the diet no matter how much I ate!). I also have a pint of coke zero with it and I usually feel so full I could burst! It is also GUILT FREE!

Hope that all helps.

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
It's because the carbs in the grapes turn to alcohol.

It should be avoided when SSing though because alcohol can actually be dangerous on such a low carb diet.

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