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Guess who's back...?
That may be a pretty contentious 'subject' to post when there's Pete, Tange, Beks and the rest of you running around on the Ho Ho Ho thread like hormonal teenagers - but still... hehe. Snigger snigger. :8855:

I am feeling a bit anxious about weigh in tonight... I'm over the lapse, have put it in perspective and am determined on where I'm going and what I'm doing, but I don't really know what I'm going to say to my LLC. I've emailed my friends in my group and told them (in fact, they have both had mini lapses too!!!! What a week!:eek:) but I'm worried about telling my LLC (such a school girl! :rolleyes: Pete... no, Pete.. don't go there..).

Also - I got back on the shakes properly yesterday (Monday) so that will be almost two full days of shakes... what are the chances of being in Ketosis after once meal on Sunday night? I'm not holding up much hope, but a bit of colour on the old pee stick would be nice :) Haha (I might take some food colouring with me, hehe).

Anyway - just remembered it was WI tonight and had a bit of an 'oh cr*p' moment...

Doesn't help that i've still got this bug... feel rubbish - is it true that the body tends to hold on to things when it's poorly? I'm expecting a gain tonight. GRRRRRR.

Will check in later. Wish me luck!! :wave_cry: xx
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Best to fess up I reckon. Don't worry about it too much Anna. Its happened and its over. Focus on next week when you know you will have a loss and be back in Ketosis.
Anna, you'll be fine!

If you tell your LLC, he/she should encourage you and be (sorta) proud that you were able to admit it using your (now) Adult thinking and Open attitiude towards food, and not Hidden it away with a Rebellious mode!

Think of it in context for the future as well, it would be much more benificial to be able to tell someone (OH, friends, whoever) that you feel bad about what you ate and have them encourage you/help you feel better than to hide it away and pretend it didn't happen..... after all, that's part of how we get overweight in the first place, isn't it? Secret eating and all that.

If you've been on the shakes for 2 days, you might find you are into a mild, mild Keto but depending on what you ate on Sunday, it might take another day or two to really get there. That said, I was well into Keto by the end of day 2, so who knows? You might be pleasantly suprised!

And I sympathise with the bug thing, I've felt dreadful all day today, really should have phoned in sick but I can't not be here to do my turn as Santa and let the kids down, I'd feel worse for not being here than I do from being here (but only just :rolleyes: :eek: )

Don't worry about having a little gain this week, put it into perspective; even if you gain 3, 4 or even 5lbs, that's still only (at most) 5% of what you have lost overall - just 5%!
I've got bank accounts with higher percentage rates than that!! :8855: It's almost nothing!

So don't worry about it, and look forward to a great loss next week :) :cool:

Anna said:
(such a school girl! :rolleyes: Pete... no, Pete.. don't go there..)
Too late hun, I've already been there and come back with the obligatory Tshirt ;) :D :p wooooooooo!
Good luck tonight

Tange is right. Move on.
Our LLC would say
"build a bridge and get over yourself !!!"

You're back on track, that's the main thing. You may be in ketosis by then. but if you are not, you soon will be.

We have to learn from these times.
I think it stops us getting too complacent.

I've got bank accounts with higher percentage rates than that!! :8855: It's almost nothing!
LMAO!!! Talk about putting it into perspective!!

Anna, I agree with Pete, come clean with your LLC, not to belittle your experiences but I'm sure she's heard it all (and worse!) before!!

Even if you gain, it will be mostly glycogen and you can have that off within a few days of being in ketosis so don't worry about it!! A lady in our group lapsed and gained 4lbs one week, but then lost 6lbs the following week!!

You'll be fine, girl, chin up!! :) xxx
Dont waste your time worrying about it. Its not a problem. Your LLC is there so you can tell her and she will help you make sence of it all. I'm glad I fessed up, I didn't feel like I was going back to keeping my eating a secret. You will be fine and so what if there is a little gain, it will be off next week and well in the past.

Let us know how you get on! Although I know you will be fine.
You're only human hun, your get up and go got up and left but now it's come back on it's knee's, you should be proud you've come through it :)

GL for tonight, it's my WI too so have also got that feeling of dread going on hehe.

Emma xXx


Fighting Demons....
Tell the LLC! I have to do that on Wednesday night and I feel all :cry: about it!

But you know what, I bet we both feel better after we discuss it with LLC. We may even have another perspective on why we decided that f**d was such a good idea!

Your fellow lapsing buddy,

B x
Don't forget - you are paying her 66 quid a week to be able to tell her just such things - thats the point and benefit from a counsellor. ;) And as said - she will indeed have heard it thousands of times before and will thousands of times again. Theres no shame in it, and thats what they are there for. :)


Guess who's back...?
Thanks everyone - I've bought my LLC a xmas pressie (bribery, me?) so she better be supportive ;) Just kidding- she is lovely... I'm just feeling guilty about the lapse, but it's ok...

You're all absolutely right - I've got over it, and that's something to be proud of. Only two and a bit hours until WI... not that I'm counting (or panicking)... MUCH!!!

I am getting a 2lb gain into my head - anything less will be a bonus, anything more will just be damn annoying, but I can deal with it :)



nearly there!! :)
how ya do hunni? xxx


nearly there!! :)
hunni u had a lucky escape...now keep moving forwards. DO not look back and think well maybe ill try it again (for ur own sanity really look how bad emotionally u felt). have a fab week this week hun. xxx

Catz that is fab advice, i agree completely I lapsed mildly a couple of weeks ago and I beat myself up so badly about it that it made me want to eat more (i didn't) but yeah look forwards and think of it as luck :)


Guess who's back...?
Hehe - didn't think you were being rude in the slightest, fear not! You are absolutely right.
Just read your post about the first RTM weigh in - that's brilliant! WELL DONE!! Out of interest... is it the norm to continue to lose on RTM?? I was trying to work out when to move into RTM with my LLC last night - but a realistic idea of whether I'm likely to STS, lose or gain a bit during RTM will make my final developer goal a lot easier to reach...


A xxx


nearly there!! :)
if u stick to what u are given food wise then yep u still should loose for the first couple of weeks, but then some people put back up in trigger weeks. i like ls view of not having a healthy weight but a healthy range the if u go over that range u start addressing ur issues and habits again!!

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