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Gutted, confused & pi**ed off!!!


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I went for my week 3 weigh-in this morning before I went to work as usual, but when I got there it was closed!!! Arghhh!!!!
So I high-tailed it to the nearest pharmacy that does it as well, and they weren't going to let me weigh in or even give me enough shakes to last until tomorrow- so she rang my original pharmacy and they were open- just a little later than normal!!! Double-arghhhh!!!!

I hadn't time to get there & back for work so after a lot of begging they agreed to give me enough for one day. So I hopped on their scales (no.2 pharmacy- not my usual) and I weighed in at 77.6kg- converted to my usual lbs is 12st 3lbs- 1lb HEAVIER than last week!!! WTF?!?!?!:cry::confused::mad::cry::confused::mad:
She did recommend I get re-weighed on my usual pharmacys scales in the morning, but I'm SOoooo pi**ed off- I know I picked a bit this week, but surely to God I didn't do enough harm to GAIN 1lb?!?! I'd hoped I'd have my last 3lbs off to get my first stone.:cry::cry::cry:
Especially as I'm supposed to be re-feeding this week for a wedding next Friday. I feel like crying.
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Hiya Irishmun,

All scales do weigh different for some reason, even when they do get calabrated in places like chemist and hospitals, I work in a hospital and we have scales in most rooms and all get calabrated on the same day but none of them read exactly the same (they range up to 4lb difference), they could have been moved or something. I would certainly go to the chemist tomorrow for your own peace of mind and please don't let it get you down.

I will just tell you my event on my 3rd weigh in (if you have not already read it somewhere) the nurse said I had put 3lbs on and I was shocked and pretty gutted as I had been 100% on LT, so the only thing she could put it down to was constipation. When I went back into the waiting room a man (who weighed in after me each week as we had appointment times at the hospital) asked how I had done, and when I told him he laughed and said yes but I bet you enjoyed yourself didn't you and the more I tried to say how I had done nothing wrong the more he laughed and I could feel myself getting annoyed. He then turned round and said never mind I had spagetti bolognaise for tea on Wednesday, then they called him in, SO I thought right I will sit here and wait for him and ask him how he has got on and the irony is he had lost 6lb. SO sometimes there is just no reasoning to weight gains on LT. but I did stick to it 100% the week after and lost 6lb myself so I was quite happy.

Even if the 1lb on is correct please don't let it affect your determination to get to goal, stick to it 100% this week (no picking and what sorts of things were you picking on, could they have knocked youout of ketosis, as very unusual things can) and next week you should see a good loss.

Jo x ps (sorry for the long drawn out reply)


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dont panic wait until you get weighed on the scales you have been using. I weigh myself at home at they are suppposed to be pretty accurate, yet I always weigh differently on the scales at the pharmacy, just focus on them as they will give you a true reading of your weight loss journey. :p:p


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The scales I got weighed on this morning were digital and in kg, and my usual pharmacy's one are spring ones and weigh in lbs? So I'm praying thats why they're (hopefully!) off a little? I'd be okay with a STS. I'd been picking at my girl's snacks, things like nuts, mini marshmallow things, a piece of lean ham here & there- bad, I know, but I did it and have to face the consequences.
But I'm due to re-feed this week, and am panicking now that I'll gain even more when I re-introduce food into my routine!! It's only for one week, then I'm straight back onto TFR, but I'm really worried now. I guess I can do nothing until I get re-weighed in the morning....?


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Im sure your picking wont have effected you that much hun, im sure if you get checked again on your own pharmacy scales you will have lost something, im heavier on my mums scales and lighter on mine so I only ever pay attention to the ones on my weigh in, good luck :) x


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Don't worry to much about re feeding, as you know the doc made me re feed for 2 weeks and I had only done 2 weeks on LT. I thought it was going to be really tough to get back into ketosis but it was fine (as long as you are in the right frame of mind) and I even got a descent weight loss.

Enjoy yourself this week, think of it as a treat but just try and eat healthily and you will be fine.

Jo x


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Thanks Jo, I'm looking at this week 'off' as a necessary evil rather than a treat! LOL! No-one apart from my Mum & my hubby knows I'm doing this, and I want to keep it that way for a while (for different reasons) so I decided to re-feed so I could act 'myself' at the wedding- i.e. have a few drinks. Thats the main reason I'm re-feeding, otherwise I would've just had a day off (i.e. just the wedding meal). I know it'll hold up getting to target, but thats life? After Friday, my next family wedding is 9 full weeks away, and I hope to have another 2 stone off by then- i.e.nearly at target!

Please God my usual scales will be kinder than the ones this morning!!

As every one says different scales weigh differently and calibration doesn't mean one scales weighs the same as another; it just means that each individual scale measures properly for it's own mechanism (does that make sense?)

Keep going and good luck xx


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Yes, thanks. I do know all this in my head and have said it to others on here- it's just when it happens to you its knocks you for six!
I lost nothing on my own sacles last week yet had 4lbs off the pharmacy's. This week I had 3lbs off on my own scales, then this new pharmacy has me 1lb heavier- crazy! LOL!


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol irish!

Our body weights are constantly fluctuating!

I really wouldnt worry about this too much, The things you have picked at, especially the nuts and the marshmellows may have knocked you out of ketosis which has slowed your losses down.

I would wait til tomorrow to see what the verdict is before panicing too much


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dont let it shake you hun! You go get weighed on your normal scales and im sure you will have lost. The scales in my gym make my over half a stone lighter!! they can differ alot so its really best to stick with one reading :) I use my own scales for my reading, and I really dont pay attention when I get weighed anywhere else haha Your doing brilliant, keep it up xx
without wanting to sound harsh... if any food passes your lips when you are on this diet - there is a very, very high chance that you will be knocked out of ketosis - therefore you are unlikely to lose and may well gain weight! It's called total food replacement, so for the best results don't pick or cheat!

Those are the words of advice given to me by my chemist when I started- and I have to say thats the best bit of advice given!

This isn't like other diets where you can eat, its very difficult and requires a lot of discipline and determination.

Don't pick! and good luck :)
Defenitly the scales Irishmum. Im sure you will have lost even a little. dont panic. but the picking HHMMM... could make your loss slow down as chelly said.... By the way, I havent told anyone Im on LT either. i have 4 daughters who I dont want to influence negativly as they are always on about their weight ( and they are not overweight at all) they think im doing WW(HEHEHE) Let me know how your week on refeed goes coz im thinking of it myself for an event in May.


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if any food passes your lips when you are on this diet - there is a very, very high chance that you will be knocked out of ketosis - therefore you are unlikely to lose and may well gain weight! It's called total food replacement, so for the best results don't pick or cheat!
We've been given conflicting advice then? I was told that you need over 20g carbs in a day to knock you out of ketosis (people on atkins are in ketosis and they eat!)- If I'm out of ketosis I will have smaller losses- but the daily calorie deficit should ensure I still LOSE. If I do/did actually gain then something is very wrong somewhere? (colonic irrigation may be called for! PMSL!)

Wellandgood- I have two girls too (2 & 4) that I don't want to go through what I have, or to have 'issues' with food either, so I'm 'sheltering' them from LT so they don't think it's normal to exist on shakes/soups! LOL! As for my re-feed week, I'm doing my version of it as I'm going to be straight back on LT after. I'm doing day one for days 1 & 2, day 2 for days 3 & 4, and day 4 (intro. carbs again) on days 5 & 6, then I have the wedding, then it's straight back to TFR. My pharmacist reckons this will be fine.


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I thought they were allowed on Atkins?? Maybe not? I'll have a search & see? (Not that I'm making excuses...really! LOL!)
Don't be gutted

Hi Irishmum
I have just restarted after having a minibreak due to 40th birthday and hen party, I am only on for 2 weeks then refeed again for the wedding.

On refeed week (wc25 feb) I actually lost another 2 kilos, I then completed a week of maintenance.

I went back to the chemist and I have maintained my weight loss so ready to go back again, found it much easier this time than when I first started because you know it works. As for scales I get weighed at the phamarcy and the doctors and they are 1.5 kilos out.

Hope this helps



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Thanks Viv, thats what I'm hoping, although if my weigh-in in the morning isn't good I'll be happy with a STS this week! LOL! Please God I'll keep on losing though & not 'waste' too much time re-feeding!
yes I was in ketosis on atkins and I had 20g carbs a day...


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