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Gutted with Week 3 WI

Went for week 3 WI today and only lost 1lb. :(

I think my down fall this week was -
*Being constipated
*Having a tummy bug
*Not having my 4 shakes a day

I'm was hoping next week to pull it back but i'm on holiday.

Does anyone else have this feeling of disappointment even when they have a loss?
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don't be disheartened - when I did CD last year I lost loads my first 3 weeks then had a week when I didn't and then went back to losing again the next week. It happens and I was told it was perfectly normal to have weeks where your body plateaus slightly before it kicks back in again.

Did you check your measurements as opposed to weight as well? The weeks when my weight loss was disheartening it worked out that the inch loss was still there.

And a loss is a loss is a loss - you still weigh less this week than you did last week so congratulations xx
Yes this week I lost 1 inch from my waist.

I know I must be pleased beacuse a loos is a loss is a loss but I was hoping for a bit more.
I also lost 1 pound in my third weigh-in, I was absolutely gutted! Especially as my measurements didn't change much - but the next week I lost nearly 6 pounds and the inches were falling off me!

It's a horrible feeling - I felt like it wasn't worth continuing, but I kicked myself in the backside and stuck with it, and I'm very glad I did. What really helps me in the slow weeks is remembering that it doesn't matter if my body is pulling a tizzy, it will lose the weight - it has no choice - the low calories ensure that! Hang on in there!


This is the last time!!
Regardless of it being a pound this week, look at the bigger picture - you've lost 17lbs in just 21 days! That's something to be so proud of!
Sometimes it's easy to get disheartened and week 3 is a renowned 'downer' week for many but carry on! Well done


This is the last time!!
I had a 5 day break a couple of weeks ago - it's amazing when you actually read the labels on things and realise how bad they are! I've never been a label reader before but we needed to buy some stuff for a picnic at the beach - went to Tescos, picked up the sandwich I usually have, but then decided to read the label - 16.4g fat!! Put it straight back and picked up a chicken and stuffing healthy living one - about 4g of fat. What a difference! Still not ideal but by one glance at a label I saved myself 12g of fat!
I 'only' put on 1lb during my break - I'd love to say I ate sensibly the whole time but I'd be lying! Try your best to stick to healthy options and avoid trigger foods or drinks. I find if I have a fizzy drink I then crave crisps and chocolate, so I tried to avoid them and still had around 2 litres of water each day.
I've just had a tuna salad (probably bigger than it should of been) and a glass of wine. I can hardly move I'm stuffed x

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