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Hi! Are you drinking enough water to allow for your efforts at the gym? I remember when I did WW I went to Centre Parcs - more exercise than anything else and came back 3lbs heavier! So yeah, it might take a week or two to balance out, but at least you're making positive steps by going to the gym!


Starting Again!
These things happen sometimes. Could be 101 reasons. Starting exercising more is fabulous, make sure you're drinking plenty. I am sure you will have a big loss next week. Just a quick thought, when you say you stuck to plan, have you been having all 15 syns a day? A lot of people make the mistake of trying to reduce them when they want to speed up their losses, but it has the opposite effect, because our bodies go: "arh whats happening?! I'm so confused" and act like 3 year olds and have a tantrum!

Deep breath, relax, tomorrow is another day, and the start of another sw week.


Natt xxx
Thanks all, I have been drinking loads of water and ranging from 5-15 syns, mostly around 13 each day. I will continue and hope for the best next week!!!


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arr hugs hun i hope you get the result you are after next week xxxxxxxx
Firstly Well Done on your weight loss up to date, I think the more you excersize the more muscle you build up, so muscle is heavier than fat is it not ??


Starting Again!
Yes it is true that muscle weighs more than fat. It is also a lot denser than fat so, although you might not be losing weight, you can be losing fat. Also when you start exercising more and more, the muscles hold on to water.


Sending you a big hug, well done on your weight loss so far i am sure you will have a good loss next week


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Also when you start exercising more and more, the muscles hold on to water.
My point covered! This will even itself out, but get your tape measure out! I've noticed a difference in 2weeks!
Awww, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you been drinking more to account for the exercise? Could it be last week catching up with you? I agree that it would be worth taking measurements from now on to see if you are loosing inches as well as pounds.

Mrs V

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Huni...dont panic...just think you will have a toned body too at the end of it!
Im expecting a gain myself this week, as I have started exercising in earnest....I dont mind really!
Im in the same boat as you.I have been good, drank water and exercised and i put on 2.5lb! It is really confusing:confused:

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