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Gutted :(

Last weekend (not yesterday, but the one before) I went to visit my friend.

I stuck to Cambridge 100% whilst I was there - it was DIFFICULT as hell, but he's done Cambridge before and he wasn't about to let me cheat - not that I even considered it seriously. I didn't even have a Coke Zero!

We did so much walking and stuff over the weekend, then I came home and got sick on Tuesday (was off work with a virus for 3 days) so wasn't great with the water before WI on Thursday.

Thursday comes and I weigh in and I'd lost


I was gutted :( It's the lowest I'd lost all the time on the diet, and was heartbroken because I'd tried so hard to stay on track all weekend, and had been more active than ever. I'm trying to take it in my stride and drink more water this week :( I also had ToTM last week too but still....

Has anybody had a week like this? Any advice?

I'm so gutted. I don't enjoy just eating shakes, I am only doing it because it achieves real results. If those results start to really wane, then I'll have to reevaluate why I'm doing this :(
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is a naughty girl...
I get weeks where I lose a pound and then the week after I will lose 7! It is just your bodies way of losing weight. I know it is hard but just keep going I promise you will see results....well done on being 100%
First i know how annoying it can be but its a pound in the right direction.
Maybe ur holding onto water cause of TOTM.
keep at it babe cause the results are amazing
i agree with you only me... dont despair minx it is just one weigh day your body will lose weight when it does.. it doesnt mean it is going to come off slowly I promise! We know Cd works, have faith in it and in your body! I lost 6lbs myfirst week and only 2lb my second and was a bit blue when I compared them with other folks first weeks losses, but it was just my body's way! I nearly convinced myself my body was resitstent to CD and I would be the only person who couldnt lose weight on it! (which is silly!) but i have just lost 7lb on my fifth to sixth week (was ten days between weigh in) a time when lots of peoples' losses slow down. stick with it you are doing great!


Wants to be slim :)
Hey Mince,

Like everyone says, it is a pound in the right direction!

Not only TOTM holding in water but when you walk, your body retains water around your joints too...

Not a bad thing but you will probably have a bigger loss next week!
Do not despair and don't use it as a reason to have a blowout as I bet you will be posting this time next week with a fantastic loss. Keep on as you have been doing and you'll see a real difference in the scales. Our bodies aren't machines so will sometimes lose in fits and starts rather than a nice neat graph line - promise to post next week and I bet you'll be posting a large loss
Its better than no loss!! :D see ... look for the positive lol

Ive had losses from zero right through to 7 a week. Losses seem to be varied for alot of people

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Im into my 4th week now and on 3rd WI last Thursday id only lost a pound.
Fingers crossed for this week as a better loss both for you and me!

Keep your chin up hun it'll pay off in the end x


Can hug her knees :)
just going to say I know exactly how you feel, I had a week like that last week, but I stuck to it and tried not to let it get me down and I was rewarded with a great loss this week, so im sure it will be the same for you :)
When I had a small loss I was prepared for it having seen the way other people lost on here and small losses being followed by larger ones - so take heart Mince - people are right. It will keep working if you stick to it!
hi just wanted to add my pennies worth

dont be disheartened the fat has to have burned if it shows on scale3s or not

totm makes you retain water n weigh more as we know when ur sick u can become dehydrated esp if u dropped ur water intake so when u did drink ur body has prob held on tight to that water n saved it all up!

i had a tiny loss one week i try to jus think to the next one whic will be back to norm at least

dont give in ul regret it

week 1 = 8lb
week 2&3 = 8lb
week 4 = 2lb
week 5&6 = 9lb
week 7 = 4lb
week 8&9 = 8lb

starting weight 244lb
target weight 147lb
losses to date 38lb
still to loose 59lb
Hi I know exactly how you feel last week (week 5) I lost nothing and then this week thought I had lost nothing again but when I weighed it was 3lb still not as much as I wanted when you look at it over 2 weeks but as these lovely people on here told me keep the faith and it will come off and even itself out over time.

So chin up and post if you need that extra boost.

It'll probably be a combination of factors Minx, the TOTM, the illness, the lack of fluid that time, plus your body just losing weight the way it wants to. Like has been said, your body isn't a machine.

Having said that, you can't argue with the math; if calories in < calories out then the weight *will* come off.

Bet you have a good loss next week :D

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