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Lost 1lb :(

I burst out crying to my CDC i was so upset and felt so dissappointed :( She was lovely and spent 2hours talking to me about this week and my goals. I went away feeling alot better, defo more motivated for this week. Still really upset that it was only 1lb. I will feel so silly telling everyone i just lost 1lb ~sobs~

I need to up my water in take this week as last week i was only drinking 1/2 lr a day which is another reason why i probs aint lost much. I am also on TOTM :( so feeling very upset about everything.

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Lisa Marie

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It's still a loss hun! Chin up you're probably retaining water if it's your TOTM, bet you have a fab loss next week! C'mon chick you can do it!


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You can do it! Just take a pint of water before and after your cd-meal :)


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Oh Tasha, don't be too disappointed. You can't have a big loss every week. It could be worse you know - you could be me, its my first week and I have only lost 3.75lb. You've done really well so don't let this put you off. Good luck


hoping for a good loss
Hey Tasha. Chin up chick, it is a whole 1lb off AND it it TOTM!!!!!! Thats a good loss especially as you are probably retaining loads of water.

Keep positive, stay strong. You can do this hun

Charlie xx


Lovin it !!! :)
Hey - chin up - I lost 1lb this week & i've been 100% every day - just one of those things - still a loss & still counts towards the overall picture - *hug*


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Thank everyone

I know its a 1lb off and i should be happy, but i shouldnt have bliped and ate that bread, and i should have drank more water, that might have made it a 3lb loss instead of 1lb. I have soooooo much to lose and a 1lb loss just makes me really upset. The fact that it was my fault makes it worse. I could have done things better i dont feel like i gave the diet 100% this week and now i am paying for it which makes me even more upset at myself. If i lost 1lb and did everything i could have done then i would have been happy, but because i know i could have done better its just upset me. Never mind tomorrow is the start of a new week xx


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You haven't thrown in the towel at the diet...which is always a temptation.
You are being open and honest about why the loss was small.
Here's to the next week and drinking all that water.
Go Tasha!


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Tash just think 2 packs of butter that have gone forever - imagine them all gloopy and melty and you'll be glad they've gone.

Keep drinking the water honey, the loss may have nothing to do with the bread, just could be body adjusting --- I've had 1lb losses in the past when I've stuck to it 100% -- stay strong xx


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Hey Tash I know how you feel as I only lost a pound last week but it paid off with my 4lbs loss this week so keep going,If you follow cd as it should be then there is no reason why it should fail.

Keep you chin up you can do it xxxx


I ♥ CD !!
try not to be too upset tasha l also had a small loss this week (2lbs) also totm so next week is our week chin up onwards and upwards


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1lb is still in the right direction.
Keep your chin up and good luck for this week xx


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Hi Tasha,

I think the reason for your small loss was down to the water to be honest, I don't think the bread would have had much of an impact really. Your body was obviously protecting itself from dehydration and holding onto every bit of water it could. With that knowledge, if you quench your thirst this week you should get a great loss next week.

Also worth noting is that it's best to note your weight losses over a month and average it out. You might lose 5lbs one week and 1lb the next, the average loss would be 3lbs, which is what you're aiming for on CD.

So, indulge me babe, what's your average weight loss so far? :D


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Aww just read this... *hugs* Tasha hun don't get down. Right here I go on one of my speeches ahahaha (snooze caps at the ready)

Have you put on weight this week? No
Have you remained the same weight that you were 7 days ago? No

These two questions have answered no which means that you are still on the right track, that you are still going to succeed and that the scales are going in the right direction. You may be disappointed with a small loss.. but it is a loss nevertheless. You are still doing amazing on this diet hun, you are lighter than you were before you started and you are still lighter than you were 7 days ago.. and that is still after having bread! I would be happy knowing that the bread obviously did not have an impact on knocking you out of ketosis and no harm came to you this week after the blip.

I do not think any loss as a bad thing, a loss is a loss... you are such a lovely person Tasha I do NOT want you getting upset over this. You know now that you need to drink more water.. and you can deal with that easily enough. What I did was I bought a litre bottle of lucozade.. and used that bottle as a litre of water measurement. I then decided that each shake/soup/whatever would be accompanied by a full bottle of water... and then a full bottle an hr before i slept.. so thats 4 litres right out the bat for you :D

You will have a great week this week.. you will still lose, and still stick with this diet. And you will acheive your goal :D Please do not worry about this weeks weight loss.. you are now into your next week focus on that.. 7 days now of water drinking and soup eating and I bet you will have a better loss next week :D

Remember.. don't get too upset or I will POKE YOUR EYES OUT!! :D <3

Take Care... and I want to see you back to your positive self you are doing great :D

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
I can't do much better than the above ladies but don't forget that all the little numbers add up! You'll be dropping weight much faster on this than on WW or something like that. How any people would love to have lost 1lb this week but they're lost nothing, or worse gained weight! Just up the water and next week (after the evil totm) you'll show a fantastic loss :D

All the best girl :)


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Ok you all made me cry your all so lovely!!!! thank you so so much for your kind words. How come i cant carry you all around with me in my pocket to keep me on track haha :D

I really am shocked at how caring you all are on here and how much this site has REALLY helped me. I still feel gutted about my loss but wow it has defo shocked me into being good and drinking my water and not eating no more bread haha.

My dad is up this weekend (have not seen him in over a year) and he wanted to take me and Andreas out for a meal. He knows i am on the diet so i phoned up a few places and one place i called told me they would make me a special salad the way i want it which is perfect i will have a ss+ day on friday and back on 100% ss on the saturday :D I feel like i have learnt from my mistake this week and i dont want to feel like this again.

My average weight loss is 5lb a week s i had a 9lb loss the first week 5lb loss the second week and 1lb loss this week lol. (that is right aint it)

again thank you ALL so much for your replys you have no idea how much you al help me <3 xxxxxxxxxx