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Gutted :(


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As I said earlier in the week I've been ill, and I was undecided whether to try and stick to SS whilst I'm ill. Well wednesday night I didn't have a choice, I felt so ill and weak I fainted! I was seriously ill so I've had to come off SS for 2 days, I intend on going back on it tomorrow. I am feeling a bit better now, my energy levels are up a bit and I think my body is fighting off whatever is wrong with me.

Will these two days effect the diet that badly? I've been sticking to the water, can I expect to put on much weight? I normally weigh on saturdays but I'm not going to weigh this week, I'm gonna wait til next week, I can't face it :(
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One day at a time!
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Poor you:( The most important thing is to get well and worry about the diet after that. You probably will put on some weight as your body will be holding onto water etc. However once you get back onto CD it will soon go again. Perhaps try and stick to low carb food, things that you could have on SS+ maybe to try and reduce any gain. Hope you soon feel better - and don't feel too upset, it's not your fault that your body is arguing with you;)
you will normally puit on about 4 lb staright away just with fluid .. although when ytou get back on SS your body soon gets rid of it again ( normally takes me about 2 days !!!) , so as long as you havent gone mad and stuffed yourslef .. it shouldnt do you any harm .. better to look after yourslef and get better then get back on track ... doing SS can mean your body takes longer to recover from illness and injury so much better to come off it ... you will be fine :)


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As with above - I was told to get better then get back to SS when I was feeling better. Luckily Im not too bad this afternoon but im still worrying about what I ate grrrrr!!!


please try again
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dont worry bout it, your health has to come first hun

i doubt you could have eaten enough to have gained acctual weight but if youve eaten carbs then the glycogen and assosiated water will have gone on so to speak so once your back on track that will go.
there are some folks who've had the weekend off for trips/events and by the time weigh in's come around theyve lost the water gain and a couple more pounds to boot

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