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Well first weeks weigh in at SW, totally stuck to the diet 100% and I lost...........

half a pound!:eek:

WTF!:confused: :mad:

half a pound!

To say I was gutted was a total understatement. I am not even bothering to change my ticker - lol.:p

My only explanation is - I did home made lentil soup yesterday and had some at lunchtime. By the time the evening weigh in came, I had the most horrendous wind! (sorry tmi) it was rattling and rolling around in my body, sounded like thunder. I am hoping this is the reason I looked like a balloon when I weighed and hope I get a better loss next week!
Oh Cheryl - how annoying for you, hun! Try not to worry too much, I'm sure you'll have a better result next week. The most important thing is that you're eating food that is good for you! Even if it doesn't feel like it afterwards lol!

Did i read that you had previously done a VLCD? if you did sometimes it takes a week or so for your body to adjust to eating and some people even gain weight in the first week.
Half a pound is better than a kick in the teeth! least you did better than me...i put on 3 lbs!! naughty me! i did have a pants week though and i have no excuses. I have started again with a vengence (as of yesterday morning) and so far its going really really well.
Dont give up honey. i think you may have a much bigger weight loss next week.
Keep going,

Keelie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sorry, your not happy with the loss, But half a pound is still a loss...... Wind, that could be a least two pounds !!!extra, so you will prob make up for it next week.

good luck with your appointments this week, thinking of you.

Hi Issy, KWB and Suprgran

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am determined to see this through to the end, ony want to lose 11lbs or so, but I will get there (at this rate in 22 weeks lol).

Going to try a different approach this week, going to try not to eat so much! I lost the plot a little bit, and ate when I wasn't really hungry (not good) and didn't stop when I was full (even worse!). So I have learnt that unlimited free foods isn't really eat until you are uncomfortable or eat just for the sake of it.

Oh well, off to put on my 'sensible head' now.

Once again, thanks folks.
Hi There
Im sorry your loss was small annoying isnt it.I couldnt lose on SW and I know loads who have but I had the same trouble as you,I was ok on the red days but I loved the green days and Id gain even if I did it 100%.Im sorry if its not red or green days anymore twas a while ago I went.
I hope it works for you soon.