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I gained 1 and half lbs. :sigh:

I only have myself to blame. I didn't really exercise that much, I was good-ish with food in the week, but didn't save enough syns for the weekend and went over. I know I said I would allow myself that and had a great weekend with my lovely friends, but I still can't help being gutted.

I thought I might get away with a sts or small gain, but I am back where I started back at class at. I'd probably been as well sticking at going it alone!!! Actually I don't mean that, because it was good at class, leader was great, as were the rest of the group.

I know some people here don't like the 105 a week rule, but it did work for me last week. I did go way over the syn allowance though this week and I certainly didn't exercise enough to compensate.

I am pretty down tonight, but I do know what I have to do. I have to draw that famous line and think positively about the week ahead. I need to be 100% on plan, on track and I know it will work and I'll have a cracking good loss next week.

I am NOT going to have a curry for dinner tonight, much as I'm desperate to console myself with one. It will just set me further back for the week ahead.

Sorry for the moan everyone, but I'm home alone as OH is at a band rehearsal, and need to vent, otherwise I feel a binge and massive guilt session will happen. The cat is not very understanding! lol!

Ok. I am going to look on the SW site, through my books and get my meals planned for this week.


H x
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What a great attitude! When you've only lost a few pounds, a 1.5lb gain seems huge. But you know where it came from and what you didn't do (exercise - big blush from me as just done my first in a week and a half) and you're already starting to think about next week.

Keep away from the curry, cuddle the cat (very soothing) and keep your chin up. Next week, that damn 1.5lbs will be gone - and more.

:happy096: for your attitude. You go girl!
Thanks Harrie...that's a really lovely post and has made me feel a bit better!!! :)
You can do this Hellie! You sound like you have the right head on now tonight and that's what matters. This week coming is what matters, not last week. Put last week to the back of your mind and embrace this coming week! I have every faith in you :) xxx


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Aww, sorry to hear about the gain, Hellie. :gen126:

Glad to see you so positive about it though! :D Good luck for this week.
Thanks all :)

I am still quite down today but I am thinking positive and am planning to stick with it 100% this week.


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Like the above poster said, you know where you went wrong thats the main thing! Its so much easier to correct something if you are able to explain why you had a not so great week. We learn from the weeks that arent so good and they make us feel even more fabulous when we have a great week. Chin up chick.
Sorry about your gain, but just think next week you will have a fab weight loss if you stick to your meal plans :) Good luck with the week ahead - you can do this xx

Mrs V

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Sorry to read that you have gained this week Huni. I gained 1lb too, so can understand how you feel.
Dont panic though, you sound more determined anyway and you will shift that gain in no time at all.

Morning Hellie, so sorry about your weight gain and I know how gutted you feel, but at the end of the day, it's only a pound and a half and it's only 7 days til your next wi, don't beat yourself up about it, there will always be things like this that crop up in life where you veer off the plan in some way, life would be incredibly boring if we stuck to the diet 100% of the time and never had a social life!

Just remember that it's all part of the learning process of learning to control your weight when you get to your target, having these mini blow outs and then getting yourself back on track, something I still have to learn to do yet myself! (I'm an all or nothing gal, either a total pig or angelic, there is no inbetween!!!)

You're going to have a great week, well done for not having the curry, promise yourself you will be 100% this week no matter what and don't beat yourself up about it anymore
Sorry to hear about your gain Hellie and I hope you are on the way up now, remember you are a hellicopter:):D and they go up first.

Onwards and upwards, by the way what is the 105 rule?

Good luck hun, go for it this week.


Trying again!!!
Sorry about your weight gain Hellie but try to concentrate on the incoming week - you sound really determined and you should be proud of yourself that you didn't have that curry! Good luck with the week ahead, keep your chin up, Mary xx
Thanks again all. It's so reassuring...I love this site :) Having a brilliant day today food-wise so that's helping me feel a bit more perky!

Ladylite - the 105 syns thing is the old way of using up your syns. Some people it works for but others it doesn't. Basically, instead of using up to 15 syns a day, you get 105 for the week to use any way you choose. So if you want to have 30 syns worth of vodka on a friday night, you can do so!
I was speaking to my consultant about it. She's been doing it a long time and this used to be the way they did it. SW don't recommend it now (probably because of people like me binge drinking my syns at weekend lol!) and recommend the 10-15 a day evenly throughout the week.

But some people still do 105 a week and it works for them.



I'm probably in the same boat but I never know as I'm too scared to weigh weekly! What a cop out hey!

I do my binges at the weekend but I'm going to try to put an end to it as the guilt on Monday morning is becoming almost too much to bare!

Sorry to hear about your gain Hellie - Chin up and try not to be so naughty this weekend hee hee!

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