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hi all, had my week 5 weigh in today and only lost 2.5lbs and only 1 inch altogether :( really disappointed!! its not totm or close to it, etc so i really dont know why this has happened, im 100% all the time and just thought i deserved more for effort put in!! xx
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Hey hon .
Your doing so well.. 2.5 lbs is still a fab loss..... your losses are really good.

Take a little look at my losses a few weeks I have lost 2 lbs but it will come off hon.. Every week I do the same thing.. and my losses are so different its just our bodies work in funny ways!!

Im on my 12th week.... and my losses vary so much ........

Your doing fab!!! so be happy with 2.5lbs is all coming off and your on the way to goal xxx


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So that's 23.25lbs in 5 weeks. Which is an average of 4.65lbs a week...

Wouldn't manage that on Weightwatchers... :D

I think sometimes we have a tendency to expect miracles on this diet - both from the diet itself and from our bodies. I know it's disappointing, but if you'd been on any other diet, it would probably have been one of those weeks where you stayed the same, or inexplicably, gained half a pound.

You're doing fantastically well. Sometimes the fat we've lost doesn't show up on the scales because water takes its place. Plus, the nearer to goal you get, the slower the weightloss becomes, I'm afraid. Your slimmer body doesn't need so many calories so the calorie deficit isn't as high as it was to start with.

So smile and be proud! You've achieved so much!


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thankx guys :)


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Dont be disheartened your doing brilliantly, like others have said you wouldnt be losing those amounts on WW or SW and I think its easy to expect more doing this diet but hey a loss is a loss and your having great ones so keep going everyone here is behind you, Im only on day 1 and struggling already, I cant imagine having the strength to get to wk 5 I can only hope I do!!

Well done x x

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