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  1. Rae of Sunshine

    Rae of Sunshine New Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi all - I'm new on here.

    I'm now in week four...and cracking !
    I was ok for the first two weeks - infact I was doing really well...I lost 1st 4 in my first two weeks...then I think I got cocky with myself and thought - It'll be ok if I eat something - so I exchanged some packs for food and I'm now so depressed...I JUST ate a sausage - I'm so angry with ME. I came on here to see if anyone else was the same and I saw thre were others too.

    I need to get back onto my packs properly...
    I just had my weigh in and my third week was 1.5lbs - WHAT - I'm so peed at myself. :break_diet:

    I'm actually crying while writing this as I'm so mad. My family are so supportive, I don't want to tell them I let me and them down.
    I just want to give up. I hate it all.

    I know I shouldn't - but I'm now in the mind as to say - it'll be ok, I'll change tomorrow. GRRRRRR I'm a stupid fat cow.

    Sorry to have such an agressive and depressing entry - but I know you all know how it is !!! If anyone can knock me out of this stupid thought patten - please throw a punch at me and hit me square on the nose - I need it.

    A sad and depressed
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  3. NetNet

    NetNet Full Member


    Tomorrow is another day, a new start. Don't beat yourself up for what has happened. What's done is done and there's nothing you can do to change what happened. But you can change what you are going to do from now on.

    Get back to your packs/bars and drink your water. Be strong. You can do it. The programme works. You have lost over a stone. That is fantastic. So what, you've had a hiccup, and you still lost! (I don't recommend you keep doing it though, you may not be as lucky).

    Take a look at the gallery for inspiration. It's proof it does work.

    Another are not stupid. And no-one's going to punch you on the nose!

    Come us that smile :) You can do it you know, I have faith in you.

    Take care and big hugs

    NetNet xx
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  4. Amber34

    Amber34 Full Member

    Hi Rae

    Don't beat yourself up over it - it's just a blip - you need to get your head in that special place again.

    I'm just into week 5 and have been doing the exact same thing! It started with 'just a bit of chicken' and hit the limit with 4 glasses of wine, 6 crackers and a family size bag of Haribo on Monday!! My 4th weigh in was just 1 lb, and I was so cross with myself, BUT it is 1lb in the right direction, just as your 1.5 lb is!

    It's taken me until today to get back into SSing again (I'm just having my final shake now) and I'm really thrilled with myself that I'm back on track - and back in ketosis.

    I'll not punch you, but happily give you a cyber kick up the backside! You're not going to get anywhere by beating yourself up over it - in fact you will potentially make things worse.

    Draw a line under your blip and start afresh tomorrow. Try on some clothes that feel a bit looser to remind yourself how well you have done so far. Revive the determinaton that got you through the first few weeks - you've done it before and you can do it again.

    If you keep SSing and keep your water intake up, I'll bet you have a good weight loss next week.

    Please post again and let us know how you're getting along.

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  5. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

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    Slimming World
    Rae :D

    NetNet and Amber are so bang on in their posts to you hun. I just wanted to add my support and say that many many members on here (me included) have felt how you feel at the moment.

    Put down that stick and stop beating yourself. THE most important thing is that you draw a line under this and carry on again, straightaway. Calling yourself names will only add to feeling low. You haven't let anyone down, you had a lapse, you're human and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


    Lacey x
  6. Rae of Sunshine

    Rae of Sunshine New Member

    Lighter Life
    Thanks peeps...

    Thank you so much for you kind words - you don't know how much happier you made me feel. :eek: You're right...all of you...and inside I know that. I have an extremely stressful job - I'm at work now...with mega deadlines all the time - it's hard when you're down to not want to eat something...(I won't I promise).

    I just feel a little alone on it all. My boyfriend is so sweet and he even makes the packs for me most the time...I keep shouting at him - I'm like the Evil queen at the moment, he understands - but I'm angry that I get mad - if that makes sense.

    I'm 27 and funny enough, as one of the other post suggested, an absolute perfectionist. I run my own company and things are doing well...which you should think would keep me content, but it's doing well because I put everything into it - late nights, weekends everything - then my weight, as it has done, suffers. You know - "hell I don't have time - I'll get a MacDonalds (EVIL FOOD).

    I was ill a few years back and went to 8 1/2 stone (due to illness) and was a stick as I'm 5ft 8...but when I finally got better I started to think how cool it was that I could eat all the time and be skinny - all fool me huh !

    I got to my uni finals and was revising loads - and eating with it, I went to 14st. I tend to put moments of stress and devotion to other things as priority and the eat loads and say - I'll deal with it when I'm through with this...That's my problem - and I'm doing it again. Work has distracted me to not notice the rest I piled on.

    I WILL DO THIS !!!! I keep telling myself...

    Thanks again - and sorry for moaning on - I needed to get it off my chest (along with the weight - HA !)

    I promise I will keep in touch and read things for inspiration.

  7. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

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    You're not moaning at all Rae :), that's what this site is here for. To feel free to say how you feel if it helps.

    I'm wondering if you are a Virgo? :rolleyes: Like me....too hard on myself, put unnecessary pressure on myself and a total perfectionist, despite also having a v.stressful job!! :eek:

    I'm quite a bit older than you hun and it's taken me a long time to learn that I can't "sweat the small stuff" if it's going to take it's toll too much on me.

    Hark at me!! I'm just glad you felt you wanted to come back and post again tonight and just know you are not alone, ok?

    That's one of the reasons why Mini created this site originally. So that people could have a place to come to and share their joy and achievements as well as their frustrations and their pain and not feel alone.

    Much love,

    Lacey x :D
  8. Rae of Sunshine

    Rae of Sunshine New Member

    Lighter Life
    LOL - Yes I'm a Virgo!

    Thanks again...I will come back...away for 3 days (with work) but will be on here Monday !
    Try and keep me away !!!

  9. Amber34

    Amber34 Full Member

    Thanks for coming back and letting us know how you are. I'm pleased you're feeling so much better.

    I think it's very easy to become a bit introspective whilst you're on this diet - no-one around you really understands what you are going through, the amount of effort it sometimes takes or how important it is to you to succeed.

    At least on this forum there are people who know what it's like - it has been a dietsaver for me. I don't always post, but reading other peoples problems and achievements gives a sense of camaraderie on what can be quite a lonely road.

    Good luck - keep it going!
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