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;);)started the gym today began with a 3km on the exercise bike, just gentl as i still have a very sore foot.

have a appointment next week for my official excericse plan with the trainer

the trainer said something intresting to me today that we need to eat every 2 hours otherwise if were only sticking to our main meals we wont burn off the fat if we eat fruit every 2 hours than its used for energy and your body isnt in for a shock with just 3 meals a time

he also said my metrobolic rate is 50 years old, so not great and water intake has to be uped even more then 3 litres as my water level is 32% and needs to be 60% for a female
and the fat around my heart is rated at 16 it should be under 12 so some not so good results be intresting when they do another assesment after 8 weeks

felt very happy when my flatmates mum came over and asked if i had lost more weight so everything seems to be working so yaye

has anybody else had a fitness assesment? was un aware they could measure things like that
sorry for going on lol
oh well im back to the gym after tea for another short workout
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Well done on starting the gym!! Never heard of them fitness assessments but they seem a great idea, some good information from it even if its not all good, at least you know what you have to aim for!! makes sense about having to eat regularly though, which is something i dont do, i go hours during the day with nothing, may have to change that!!

hope your second session at the gym went well.


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I've never had one but I've seen them done an I really want one! At least you know what you have to do!! Fruit every couple hours..I'll deffinately try..Thanks for that love. :)


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i started the gym on the 1st and it killed me at first but i feel so much better for it.
i do 15 min fat burn on the bike which burns around 100-120 cal,
20 min rower 170 cal,
10 mins cross trainer 50 cal( this kills me)
35 min tredmill run and power walk 170ish cal.
grm side sorted just need to stick my mouth shut x x x