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I want to be fitter again


I want to be fitter again
i have no idea what it is but the loss of inches an lbs sounds impressive
Look it up on line. it's a ladies gym with a difference A bit like speed dating, you move around to the next piece of equipment when the light goes red. lasts 30 minutes in total and you don't get hot and sweaty x
My son's school has something like this on site - 30 mins 3 times a week, women only. Keep considering it but am toying with that at £30 or so a month or the swanky gym down the road with more facilities and a pool for £50 a month.


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Or alternatively if you have a wii you could just splash out on EA Sports Active which has done the same for me over 2 months for £35! And I still have loads of workouts to do and another level to go.
I used to go but it didn't really do much for me. I went 3 times per week for months and didn't lose a thing. I also found it very kleeky and it's a little intimidating as you do it in a circle so everybody can see you exercising.
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I have just joined Gymophobics a week ago and I really like it!
The concept does seem a bit weird like you say with everyone going round in a circle but everyones concentrating on their own circuit that you dont really seem to notice it!
It probably does seem quite expensive for what you get when you consider all the other gyms where you get classes and swimming etc...but I am quite self consious and get put off by musclebound gym bunnies so this is perfect for me at the moment. Perhaps I can cope with Total Fitness once my confidence levels go up!!!
I'll keep you posted on how it goes - only 9 weeks to go til my first assessment!!! :greenapple:
I joined end Oct 2011 and love it. Instructors are friendly and helpful, and set a programme that suits you. They re-assess you every 10 weeks and set a new programme and re-measure. I have found this to be very motivational. I lost INCHES from where I wanted to and look so much better for it. The 30-minute programme means it fits into busy schedules and there is no waiting for equipment because everyone moves at the same time. The equipment is easy to use ad there is always help at hand. I also do SW and started running using C25K (NHS pocasts) - in 6 months I lost nearly 3 stone and went from size 18 to 12. Gymophobics was a big help.
One opened up here & as I could go at 0730hrs it fitted in brilliantly with work. All was going well with toning up & helping losses so I would certainly recommend it.
Unfortunately the franchisee must have bitten off more than she could chew & it folded before I finished my subscription. As far as I know it's still with the receivers but as I only lost a small amount of money I haven't really followed the case. Others sadly lost a lot of money (she was still signing up new members just a week before going into liquidation so those members + her staff were well & truly stuffed :().
That's a shame Minimunchkins . . . I hope you've found a good alternative.


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this sounds fun;i may have to look for one near me because i hate working out with toooo many other people around who are all super sports freaks...