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Gynaecology appointment update...


Going for Goal!
I had my very first positive gynaecology appointment today :D:D:D

The consultant I saw was extremely nice and very helpful. He was extremely pleased with my weight loss since I was last seen. My BMI (according to hospital notes) has gone from 49.7 :eek: to 38.8 :D:D:D:D:D

He explained the reasons for my last appointment being so 'abrupt'. I explained I'd gone to hospital in Portsmouth (where I was then living) only to be told to loose at least 5 stone and then go back. He said according to my notes, when living in Manchester (where I was born and first diagnosed) my BMI was 47.6 and I was told then to loose weight (true :eek:) upon my next appointment in Portsmouth, the Consultant was shocked that my BMI has raised even further. He said that with PCOS it is difficult to treat 'effectively' when so overweight. But then went on to say, because of my weighloss and BMI being under 40, he is happy to treat me and help in any way he can :cry:(happy tears!)

I had a smear and a scan - last time I had a scan, they had to abondon it and use a camera during a smear because they couldn't 'see' anything because I was sooo overweight - but today - I SAW MY OVARIES ON SCREEN!!!! :D:D:D

I then weed on an ovulation stick, and I am currently ovulating! :p (my last totm was a few weeks ago) BUT he said, although you are ovulating, there is a possibility you wont be releasing any eggs.

I now need to make an appointment with my GP as he is going to write her a letter to say that I can be prescribed the drug 'metaformin' which he says will help my angrogen levels, ovulation and release of eggs. Also, when I next have a totm I have to go to the Dr's to have bloods taken, which will tell him whether I am releasing eggs.

I have another appointment booked to see him in December - where he has said he wants me to loose at least another 2 stone - which we all know will definitely happen on CD :D :D

So all in all, my appointment was very productive and informative. It has really opened my eyes to how much my weight has effected me, and what amazing changes can happen to my body in shedding the weight. :D


Hugs x x x
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Silver Member
That's brilliant! Such positive news Emma!
well done emma, that's great im sorry to sound thick but are you wanting to have a baby hun x


Going for Goal!
well done emma, that's great im sorry to sound thick but are you wanting to have a baby hun x
Yeah, me and HB want to start trying once I reach my goal weight, but as I have PCOS i'm also sorting out my 'problems' which are rapidly disappearing with this weight loss :D

Hugs x x x
yayy soo glad it went so well :D
That is lovely news for you!


Silver Member
Fab news Emma, seems the wheels are in motion ! You have come so far ! Plus you will easily lose that 2 stone by December, they can see you are committed !

My sister takes metformin for her PCOS and is much improved, and has a 16 week old baby now after taking clomid. I am keeping everything crossed for the future for you!
well done, see how the cambridge diet can give you those amazing moments, so worth sticking to just to get one of those monemts! far better than any food!
good luck with your journey xx


Shut up Ethel
Oh that's brilliant Emma, what great news. you must be chuffed to little pieces!
What an incentive to lose weight, plus you have more than 4 months until December, at an average 1 stone a month that gives you a potential of losing 4 stone before your next appointment... imagine how shocked your Consultant will be when you lose twice as much as he thought you could.... good luck.
fantastic news chuck
thats exactly what you want to hear - there's a great book called pcos and your fertility by collette harris published by hayday or hayhouse have a look for when you move from ss has loads of useful hints tips and talks about supplements etc to counteract the effects of pcos
much love and as already said keep practicing (but be careful when taking the metformin as is very good at making you ovulate)


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Glad the appointment went well, you sound really motivated and positive and I am sure things will go well for you x
I have to confess that reading your post has just bought tears to my eyes, (feeling a bit girly tonight!) just so so so happy for you to be getting the support and treatment you need and deserve. Its so heart warming to see someones life change for the better so dramatically. That its been achieved through cd is just so inspiring for others. Wishing you every success in the future for yourself and hubby. xx
Yeah, me and HB want to start trying once I reach my goal weight, but as I have PCOS i'm also sorting out my 'problems' which are rapidly disappearing with this weight loss :D

Hugs x x x
thats excellent, your weight is coming off well, you will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet soon, im so pleased for you xxx


Cambridge Consultant
I am so pleased to here that the appointment went so well.... and so pleased to here you are getting everything sorted.. & the consultant was nice etc. and you felt comftable..
Metformin should help you along the way...
Wishing you all the best hon...... lotsa love xxx

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