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isnt it funny how they emphasize that people who go to the classes PAY and in turn get access to the website for free. its a joke just like all other slimming clubs all they are interested in is making money. So what about people who cannot afford to go to the group meetings, is this fair NO! so basically if you dont pay to come to classes you cannot do slimming world at all even though it might be the best diet and support network for you, who cares if they dont get their money they dont give two hoots about anyone! and thats sure the truth!!!!:mad:
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I cant afford to go to class, but Im not bothered by it....I come on here and get advice and support, read my books, get the magazine when I can and manage to loose weight.
I also keep fit and exercise when I can. If it wasnt for Minimins I wouldnt have the determination that I have....so thank you!


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I agree, the Consultants do need to get paid. They are extremely supportive, caring and encouraging. They send emails and letters weekly, they set up and run their classes, they spend time advertising their class, they attend training, they buy raffle prizes etc. They really care about their members but at the end of the day, everyone has to earn a living. Considering a fast food meal costs about a fiver and I used to have one at least once a week, £4.50 a week on class seems like a bargain to me.


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Yeah if they let you get the diet for free online, nobody would want to pay to go, and they would not have a business. I don't think there is a diet that you can get for free at all, well there is a lot of calorie controlled ones in mags and stuff but the main diets around like ww/sw./rc etc you have to pay in some way. a lot of the ones in mags i think are unrealistic to be able to keep up with in everyday family life. To be honest, the sw mag tends to explain it in a bit of detail, all you would do is note the foods that are free etc. It tells you about healthy extras too. And there is a lot of info on the web for non memers also, it may not be the diet in great detail, but it does give lots of recipes etc.

I too found that i was spending way more on fast food etc so that kinda covers my class fee.
I forgot to add....I agree that Consultants need to get paid...they have after all bought into a franchise...its a job and takes up thier time. My Mum was a Consultant, so I know!


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paying is an incentive for me if i'm paying money i want a result! plus when you get to target they stop taking your money which i think is very reasonable means they reward you.
I agree that the consultants should get paid as they do a wicked job, however I go to a drop in weigh in in london as i get home from work to late to go local. i basically walk in, give my money get weighed and then leave. There is no image therapy, no encouragement, no letters or emails as someone mentioned above. i might aswell be weighing in at home to be honest. i only pay to go because i need someone to look at my weight so i stay motivated lol. This drop in session is a licence to print money and it does make me a bit sick handing it over. also the venue was closed when i turned up on tuesday therefore i do not have this weeks password, therefore cannot access the site. how long will the old password last for does anyone know?
i do not smoke anymore and i have tried to diet at home by weighing myself but always moved the days etc so this is the only way i can do it is by paying


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I put quite a lengthy reply to this same post in the SW password thread. I think it's quite rude that you have posted this same comment twice and not come back to answer ANY of the replies given.

This forum is a valuable tool and everyone is welcome but it does rely on mutual respect and understanding. I personally am a group member who, at the moment, is attending free on NHS vouchers but those I count amongst my friends on here are a mix of paying group members, online members, and those going it alone. We are all here with a common goal and we all help each other.

Lifeline Online is just an extension of the group meeting, it's not a site intended for non-member viewing and it is not SW's sole site.