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Had a confidence boost!

Hi all!
Well stuck to SW since 11 Nov last year after having a gastric band in March and have lost in total 5 stones.
I do feel better for it, but this week I'm feeling a little low, tired and fed up. It's that TOTM to boot and I'm a bit peeved when I hear that friends have cheated on the SW plan and lost shed loads and I've been a little Saint and not lost a sausage this week! :confused:
I know it will come off next week, but as I said I'm feeling a bit low...anyway.....
I came into work this morning and 3 people all seperately have told me how well I look, how much thinner I am etc and it has plucked me up.
I don't have anyone to share this with at work, so I thought I would come on here and tell you wonderful people!!!

Thank you for reading the rambles of a fellow SW'er!
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That's great and well deserved too! See, you're gorgeous!
Lol...not sure about gorgeous, but thank you!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
AWW I THINK YOUR GORGEOUS TOO HON! and you have worked really really hard and you deserve all the praise you get 5 stone is a massive amount you should be so pleased with yourself dont worry what others are losing you are doing great yourself.
Hi Mrs V

You are georgous. You have gave me the inspiration I need to keep going. I know how you feel with the TOTM. I had it in my first week though and nearly gave up. You lot are an inspiration and your weight loss of 5 stone is bloomin marvellous. Keep going girl.xx
Really well done you are an inspiration.:)
Thank you all so much!
Its brought a smile to my face to think that I actually inspire people...little ole me?!
Now, if I could just get my Hubby to stop snoring then I would be well happy...can anyone perform miracles on here???? Lol
Seriously though...thank you!
awww, 5 stones is absolutely loads. i think u should get out the old pictures and compare them to the new ones! that always makes me feel better!!! well done you - enjoy being a thinner you! xxx
Thanks Emma...do you know..Im not actually sure I have any pictures of me at my biggest, apart from the pregnant ones and then I was half a stone lighter!
Hmmm...shall have a look around this evening...thank you!
Such a good boost! Well done you. You're always there with good advice for me.

5 stone is incredible and you deserve all the compliments you get!

as everyone has said you've done brilliantly, keep up the hard work xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
When people start commenting, then you know that all that hard work is paying off! Well done you!
Thank you all again!

dont thank us - thank yourself. your the one that has achieved a 5 stone weight loss and done all the hard work. give yourself a pat on the back! :) xx
Mrs V... your weight loss is amazing and I really cannot wait till I am where you are.. I haven't been a member of SW and MiniMins very long; just four weeks I think and your name and a couple more ladies are the names I always look for when I log in during the day. Your posts are always uplifting and keep me going.. Thank you and well done. xx

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