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Had a cool walk tonight

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Feeling a bit antsy, and after several days of not really looking after myself, I decided to go out tonight for a nice long walk. Its been a long time since I have had my "exercise" walks. Walking to and from work everyday is good, but not the same.

So - grabbed my MP3,and went out into the thankfully cool evening air.

I did my usual route which is through 2 cemeteries, up the hill through the old part of town, and down throught the grounds of an old manor which is now our leisure centre - but the grounds have nice paths that meander through the gardens. Which i discovered tonight.

I listened to Angelo Badalamenti (sp?) He did the music for Twin Peaks, and thats what I was listening too. Excellant music to sort of get away from life, and not think about anything but listen to music and take in the scenery.

After walking about 50 minutes, I decided to jog a little - and I kept going. I jogged for about 7 or 8 minutes without stopping, on level and inclined ground. It was amazing for me to do that. ANd it did help clear my head. Some.

It made me feel better too.

Our heads, as we know can really trip us up at times. I put on a few pounds on holiday, and then this last week with losing VIncent and everything, I am sure I have put on another pound or two. Combined events probably total about 5 or 6 pounds. No major shakes.

But that little gain tweaked my head and had me doing a lot of crooked thinking the last couple of weeks, and I found myself reaching for baggier clothes, etc., and not feeling so peppy. I felt like I had gained WAY more then I had, and that I immediately looked like I used to. Well- not that bad - but you know. Its just how my head thought. Silly head.

Joggin drove it home - the damage is minimal and to toss those stupid ideas - if I was like I used to be there would have been no way I could have jogged!! So it was a good head clearer for many things.

Looking forward to tomorrow - another long walk is in store.

I also got a few workout CDs. Pilates, low-impact (2) and...........BELLY DANCING FOR BEGINNERS!!!! :eek: :D Why not! No one will be watching!! I previewed that one - and it looks FANTASTIC! Really going to be fun. It's called a 'Goddess Workout' and while it is challenging, it also looks very relaxing and chilled. Just up my alley!! LOL

Anyway - time to dust of the cobwebs of the past few weeks, and get my ducks back in a row. I have gotten a little sloppy. And enough is enough.

Its hard work this maintaining. Don't kid yourselves. But - its manageable, if we pay attention, and realise things are slipping sooner rather then later, when damage is very minimal.

Well, theres a Friday night ramble. Now I am going to watch a movie with Bud and Monet, who are also missing Vincent very much.

Oh yes - here's something..... This morning, I asked Vincent to come to me somehow, and let me know she was "there" and still with me.

Well, on the walk home, alongside the top road, I found a little lonesome teddy bear. So I rescued her. And I named her Vincent the Bear.

Have a good night everyone.

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I Can Do This!
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Wise words BL. I hope your new Vincent appreciates her new home :).


Playing the Angel
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Ah BL how lucky to get such a lovely sign from Vincent, I really am happy for you. Your words are always inspirational, and us newbies probably feel that this time (abstienence) is the hardest, but your post made me realise this is the easy part. Its the forever after that needs some consideration. Please could you let me know the name of the belly dancing cd/or where you got it from. It is something I have always wanted to do, and I am hopefully going to manage to get to a class after I have got to goal. It would be good to do a little practice before hand.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend



nearly there!! :)
BL im sorry ur having such a hard tim and with everything uve been through with vincent. i cant really identify cause ive been very lucky not to have lost any one special in my life inc animals so didnt want to say the wrong thing.

hope ur coping ok though hunni.

i so identify with the head making u believe ur bigger though! its so hard not to reach for the baggy clothes ive found myself doing the same recently but yet went into town to but a dress for a bbq ta nite and the size 10 still fits perfect so i no its only in my head. some times we need a physical experience for us to literally cop on.

well done on the jogging its something id love to do but still havent worked up the courage to try (think ive still the mental block there that my legs wont carry me!!)

ive no doubt ul get the couple of lbs back down.


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