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Had a red day - didn't enjoy it :(


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Hi all

So after 2 weeks of doing green days I did a red (or should I say, original). Here's what I had:
B: 2 Sainsbury GFY Sausages (1syn), Sainsbury GFY bacon (loads!), 2 fried eggs in spray oil, 3 slices WW toast (HEB), Baked beans (4 syns).
L: (Went to Harvester) Half spitroast chicken, skin removed, tons of salad.
S: Pack of Ham
D: Roast beef, 2 roast spuds (HexB), cabbage, carrots, brocolli, cauli, pigs in blankets made with Sainsbury GFY sausages (1syn), Gravy (4 syns), blueberrys, strawberry, natural low fat yog, candarel.

I did not enjoy it at all! Although I wasn't hungry, my stomach didn't feel confortable all day, and yesterday afternoon I was so sluggish, and we were only going round Tesco which I actually usually enjoy! So I'm back to my green days!


Also, I am always eating omlette for my breakfast, which I am getting a little tired of. Anyone got any ideas for a really filling breakfast on a green day? Sometimes I can't eat again after breakfast for up to 6 hours.

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I started on a red day today, but gave up this afternoon (stayed neautral) and switched to green again.

Breakfast on green - baked beans on toast, poached egg on toast, cereal and loads of chopped fruit with a muller afterwards.... urrrm, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms on toast.........


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i love beans on toast on a green day
Im not fussed on red days either. Im always hungry on them so im just sticking to green


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S: 11st6lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.13%)
i find red days really hard when im working, at least i can grab a jacket potato on a green day with a little cheese and salad. red days i really struggle, i work in the town centre so theres a little tesco near and had to go and buy half a roast chicken the other week because i couldnt have anything else!

if im going to have a red day i always have to plan ahead and bring sanwiches

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i started on SW and never had a red day for months and months, but i found i was always 'bloated', i found it easier to eat green meals and prepare them etc.

i now do red days, at first it fealt strange and my body wasnt used to it at all but now i feel much better on them and havnt had a green day for ages...i think it takes at least a week for your body to get used to the changes, remember its a complex thing the human body and it doesnt really like change so give it time if you want to give reds a go.

good luck


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I don't like the red days so much, I hardly ever do them. I get hungry on them too


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I've only had 3 red days so far. I don't like a huge plate of meat and on a red day I usually end up eating 1 chicken breast meat-wise, and that's it. So it's wasted on me really! At least on green days you can use meat substitues and don't feel deprived. Red days are good for barbecues though, but I always crave bread/potatoes when I have meat.


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I like red days but find them harder to do during the week as it's easier to get a jacket potato or something similar but if you plan you can do them

I love a nice steak on the grill with bns chips and veggies, or a stir fry with chicken or steak strips, a lovely grilled chicken salad, or beef koftas with salad and a bit of pitta or rice as my HE B's

Roast chicken is always good with loads of veggies and bns mash and 1 yorkie 3 syns

I could go on but I won't :) Just plan in advance and you can use HE B's and syns for some carbs so that you don't feel hungry all day


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