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Had a steak at bbq on ss+

I don`t know if it`ll affect your WI but afaik, Steak isn`t allowed and I`m not sure what salad you can eat on SS+

I can eat a small amount of green salad on 810 plan but it`s only 3 tbsp worth and only certain foods are allowed.

Good luck!

LiSe :)

Big H

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I had a steak and some salad at a bbq today and now im really worried, will this affect my weight loss? am only on day 7 of ss+
Probably yeh! SS and SS+ are the way they are for a reason, if you are going to eat BBQ then you aren't on SS+.
It might, and it might knock you out of Ketosis ...but I would not stress over it too much. Just get back on track and in a day or two you will be fine again. :D
My CDC tells me it's not the end of the world if I eat meat (any type) as it's mainlt protein but I would try to stick to chicken on a BBQ. But it's better than scoffing bread (like I have)

Good luck
thanks, i ended up not feeling hungry at all after that steak and only had 2 of my shakes,i know you're meant to skip any but is it ok as a one off? I dont think i have knocked myself out of ketosis because i havent felt hungry since, well i hope i havent anyway.
You have to take all your shakes as they include everything you need nutritionally as you`re not supposed to eat things like Steak and BBQ whilst on the diet :sigh:
i know im not supposed to but i thought it would be ok as i didnt have any carbs and i only had a small amount of salad which had no dressing and was just lettuce. i know red meat isnt allowed but i thought it would be ok as it wouldnt knock me out of ketosis and the steak was small and plain so the calories wouldnt be very high. i dont plan on doing it again neither do i plan on skipping any shakes again, i want to be 100% til i reach goal.
pat on the back for picking yourself back up! u can do it xxx
:( Steak has at least 200cals and between 5g and 21g of fat, Depending on which type you have. And although they don`t have many (depending on what you eat), Salad/veg also has carbs in them which is why you can only eat a very small amount.

I`m on 810 plan, So I`m not familiar with what you can eat on SS+ but I know on mine, Steak is a definate no no - You need to try and stick to white fish or Chicken/Turkey (tho I`m not sure if that is allowed on SS+ so you`d need to check it). Also, even on 810 plan, I can only have 3 tbsp MAX of veg/salad and only of a select few items. AFAIK the allowance is a lot less on SS+

Personally, Even on "one off occasions" I wouldn`t break the diet as it might just make it harder once you`ve eaten :/

Hopefully it won`t have affected your WL, When is your WI? Good luck.
i may not have stuck precisely to the ss+ cambridge plan yesterday but i do not look at it as "breaking the diet" yesterday as i had a v small amount of lettuce with a small plain steak, as far as i can see the only difference is i ate a bit more fat than i should have but i dont see how it will matter that much as i am in ketosis and my calories would have still been roughly 200-250 in that meal so hopefully i should be fine. if i was going to break the diet i would have had carbs or something that would be detrimental but i dont see it like that as i dont want to feel like i had a slip up or a failure when i havent really.

PS. My first weigh in is tomorrow morn
I wasn`t having a go, I was trying to be helpful :confused::sigh: If you eat off plan then it is breaking the diet? Anyway, I`ve obviously offended you so I won`t post on your thread again.
You havent offended me and i didnt mean to be rude or anything i just think u made it out to be worse than it really is and i started to feel bad and worried about it, when i shouldnt be really i cant see how it will do any/much damage. not that i will be making a habit of it.

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