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had a very bad binge

Feeling very down today. I have been wanting to lose a stone before christmas and last week got to 6.5lbs so its still manageabe.
but next week is my birthday and im going out for dinner and drinks about 6 times so im expecting a gain and i will enjoy it.
however i had decided that for a boost i would be so good this week. as far as i knew i was only going out on tuesday so i used about 30 syns on tuesday. It got to last night and i was invited to a girls ngiht.i calculated i had about 30 syns left for the week so thought ok i can have some junk but not too much.
but im ashamed at what i had. i dont even no why but i ate a packet of haribo, half a packet of chilli heatwave crips(the big bag) 4 packs of skips, a bar of galaxy (yes the big one) and a tray of party ring biscuits.
We were all having so much fun watching movies that i didnt even really notice which is worse!

However today i feel so ill and disgusted and keep thinking i will be sick.
i get weighed on monday and i desperatly want to lose,even just that half pound so i can get a sticker!!
what would anyone do in my situation?
its bad cause i now just dont want to eat anything.which is just unhealthy and bad,

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You have made the first step by admitting what you have ate and not wrote it off completely. i would let it pass as its done now and there is nothing you can do about it. To try and get back on track eat lots of ss foods such as melon, strawberries, raspberries etc this should give you a bit of a boost.

Also as much as you want to get that shiny sticker this week if you don't just try that little bit harder to get it the next week. You will do it just believe in yourself :)
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There's nothing you can do about what you ate last night, but that isn't what will do the damage - it's what you do next that matters.

Try and put it behind you. It's done, and it doesn't matter how much you beat yourself up, you can't change it now. Move on. Get back on plan, make sure you eat lots of superfree and superspeed, keep the syns low, but don't try and overcompensate because you will end up feeling deprived and having another blow-out.

Remember this is a long term change and occasionally you do daft things, but the trick is to put them behind you and carry on. That way they will cause minimum damage.
thank you! i have been good all day cause i havent really felt like eating anything.going to go out tomoro morning and buy superspeed superfree food and just eat themand im going to go to the gym tomoro and sunday and monday.lets hope i can shift this half a pound.
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I couldn't agree more with Sparky here!

I'm nearing the end of my 5th week 'back on plan' and have been where you are sooo many times since re-joining in April 09 after having my son. I always used to have these major blow outs which would always begin with a pizza or indian, wine then doritos and choccy :rolleyes: :eek: . I tried to overcompensate and then would fall off plan yet again and it would take months for me to re-focus!

I gave myself a few months after last time and then decided to get back on track and in the last four weeks have lost 10lbs. Today my daughters school had a bingo afternoon and i ended up sharing her sweets :cry:(1 bag on MnM's, 1 chuba chop lolly, a liquorice stick and 2 chewy sweets, i've not even looked up the syns!) I've decided instead not to undo the good i have been doing and to carry on 100% this weekend. No wine for starters, i have planned my meals and planned a much longer walk with the dogs tomorrow and some energetic wii sessions with my daughter and partner. I weigh in on Monday too - but don't want to be put back into the 'oh what the heck i've ruined it now' mode!

Good Luck - you can do this! Draw a line under last night and prove to yourself how fab you can be! :D x

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