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Had enough today



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Oh Kimmie, hang on in there. You had a great first week - its really worth not giving in if you can help it.

I know just what you mean about whiney kids - mine have been driving me mad and I find it really difficult - I now realise that when they did it before I would get angry and then eat (masses) to calm me down. Now I have nothing to bring me down...but 7 weeks in i'm not even thinking about reaching for anything so that has to be good.

Scream on here!
Noo I'm not going to eat, because my kids are much happier now I can jump and dance about with then :).

Just got a head ache all day today and no energy. A really can't be arsed day! Lol

Anddd on the good news with me being on this diet the "kids" aren't eating OHs food for work ;) lol

But OH is out tonight with work to an all you can eat Chinese! So jealous lol
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i totally and completely understand how you are feeling. after the birth of my daughter, my first child, i had PND for almost a year. i was put on tablets and they just didn't work. i'd had a horrific birth experience where i'd had an emergency section and my daughter was born alive well and screaming. 2 hours later she stopped breathing. it was december so the winter blues had hit, i couldn't drive, i was trapped. my section scar got infection after infection and i was constantly on antibiotics. i was 5 stone overweight and it wasn't going anywhere. i was struggling to breastfeed her and it all just came crashing down. she screamed, or seemed to scream constantly, i couldn't bond well with her and it is still an issue, i don't feel as close to her as i should.

my only get out of being depressed was loosing my weight and exercising. it lifted my spirits and helped me. the biggest get out of depression was the birth of my son which was a planned section (not without it's problems, he was an undiagnosed breech), but we've bonded really well, i didn't struggle and it helped me understand how stressful it all was for me and my daughter. since i could plan the birth through an elective section i could plan the help i felt that i might need afterwards too. my friends all knew what had happened last time so were there for me. my hubby took afternoons off work for a month rather than 2 full weeks. i got out and about more through my dad driving me to meet my friends so emily could play with her friends whilst imy friends helped me with breastfeeding matthew and i fed him til 10 months when i stopped to start this diet. my bond is very very strong and i love to bits.

you can beat PND, it may take time and you need to find your own personal get out clause be it loosing weight, exercise, getting out of the house, having some time out from you child but you will knock it on the head and life WILL get better. take each day as it comes, live for the hour, get out of the house as much as you can. i found that going to sure start groups was really good for me and i've made friends through that. get all the help you can, turn nothing down.

(((hugs))), it's hard i know.:eek:


Slowly but surely x
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hang in there Kimmie, by next week you will be finding this a whole lot easier. and we are here for you x

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