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Had my cholesterol check

Hi everyone,

Advance apologies for my self indulgent moaning coming up :(

I went to the chemist for my cholesterol check this am and the result isn`t good :( I have been referred to my Dr and the earliest appt I could get was Weds am.

This coupled with my slowly rising BP I think will make the Dr want to put me on meds? I don`t know how it works? I am absolutely gutted:cry: As if I need to go on Cholesterol meds it will mean no longer feeding my LO :cry: which I guess makes my dithering at decision making redundant, Though not any easier to accept.

I don`t know if I could ask for the Xenical first and see if losing weight on that would reduce my cholesterol levels? I don`t know how it works? Or if I can take both tabs if i`m not going to be feeding my LO anymore? :cry:

I had a cuddle and a chat with her this morning and explained that I might have to start taking some medicine but that it would make her poorly so it would mean she could no longer have her "nins" (thats what she calls it ;) ) and she seemed ok with it. But it doesn`t make me feel any better :cry:

Anyway, Again - Sorry for the feeling sorry for myself ramble, Am just in tears about it all and most of my friends don`t think I should be feeding her any more in the first place so I don`t think they`ll understand how upset I am.

Well done and thanks for listening if you got this far!!

LiSe xXx

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How old is she? I think you have to put health first but I would think that they would make change of diet suggestions before giving you medication. I wouldn't have thought you would be able to continue BF on Xenical as you won't be having much nutrients (fats etc) but your doctor will clarify all that.

I hope you get the support and help you need from your doctor x
Thanks for the reply Taz x

She was 3 yrs old in October hence most of my friends thought i was a bit odd to still be feeding her :(

I thought they may suggest meds as I already eat pretty healthily - Have been on a low fat diet and been exercising and managed to lose 21lbs but then I plataeued so gave it a break for roughly 3 weeks in the hope I could kick start it all again (started the exercise up last night).

I know I wouldn`t be able to feed on Xenical, That is why I hadn`t asked the Dr for it yet as I just couldn`t bring myself to wean my LO until she was ready. We have such a lovely close bond, I don`t want to lose that :cry:

But I guess it may well be out of my hands now, So if I do have to stop feeding her, I will ask for the Xenical too.

My brother has his cholesterol he takes meds for despite being skinny (wish i was!) and both my parents have had blood clots/strokes and my dad had about 9 heart attacks so things are not looking good for me :(

Anyway, I am moaning again..Sorry...Thanks again xXx


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Don't apologise, it's your thread! If it's in the family they will probably go straight for meds. My dad has high cholesterol which is controlled by medication.

At 3 the 'norm' is to be fully off but everyone does it differently. No doubt she will be starting pre school so it wouldn't be practical then. Personally I think it's best to wean them off before an age where they will remember but that's just my view. I think it's harder for the parent than it is for the child as they will adapt better but it's the closeness you like and that's nice. She is growing up though and there will soon be many other ways for you to maintain a close bond. stopping feeding won't make you any less close to her, you are her mummy and she will always love you x
Aww Lise :( All you can do is see what the Dr has to say. Even if you do have to go down the route of meds for your cholesterol and BP, it doesn't mean you will be on them forever, and it doesn't mean that you still can't try to lose weight. We're not going anywhere so you'll still get loads of support from us :)

As for the weaning, that again is up to you ( unless of course the Dr puts you on meds that would prevent you from BF). You've given her the absolute best start to her wee life, maybe time to claim some of yours back? ;)
Thanks both of you for the replies xx

I didn`t come back last night as I was feeling sorry for myself :rolleyes: and didn`t want to moan at you all.

I have been to see the Dr this morning and she said that the test I had is just a guide (was a pin prick test at the chemist) so I have to go back next week to have a proper blood test and she is also checking my liver,renal,glucose and Thyroid. Apparently I`m 2 yrs overdue on my Thyroid check :eek: I hadn`t realised that. So she said it might be totally out of whack and that is why I`m not losing the weight - tho I don`t think my Thyroid will make much difference as I took more than I should a little while ago to see if it did (naughty I know!) I did tell her that;)

I told her about the weight loss I have managed to achieve and she was really pleased and told me well done etc with a big :D and I said ideally I would like to try the Xenical but the fact that i`m still BF has always stopped me. I was surprised she wasn`t shocked that I was still feeding as most people are. She just said we would have to wait until I wasn`t feeding to give meds.

I asked if I would have to stop feeding to have Cholesterol tabs and she said yes so I said in that case I would want to try Xenical if I was going to have to give up anyway and she said we can discuss it when I have my blood results back (I guess I am rather jumping the gun as I`ve not even had them yet LOL).

She also told me that most of the cholesterol comes from your body when I told her I eat quite well and definately not enough for my size and high cholesterol. So that has cheered me a bit as I felt everyone would think it was high cos I`m a big fat pig :(

I am confidant that if needs be, The Dr will let me have the Xenical and I am slowly coming round to the idea of weaning and keep telling Takara every now and then that I might have to take some medicine soon that would make her poorly so we would only be able to cuddle and hope she will be ok if/when I do have to stop. I have adopted "never offer, Never refuse" routine and so far she has only asked twice today.

Anyway I am waffling for Britain again!! Thanks so much for the supportive messages, They really make a difference x

Hope everyone else is having a good day




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So just have to wait for the results then! If you are on the wrong dose of thyroxine then that could have a very bad effect on your weight. Hopefully the results will bring you some good news, I look forward to the update x
All sounds positive Lise :) Hopefully you won't have too wait too long on your test results xx
Hi Lise,

Your sounding much more positive about it all and you'll be better informed once all the tests are back. It is hard not too worry, but sounds like you're more prepared to see what the results are and go from there.
Let us know your results and good luck. x


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Hi Lise,

Keep us all informed about the test results. This forum is brilliant for the support and advice to keep you going. At least you sound more positive, always a good thing x
Awwww thanks guys for the lovely messages :cry:

I was really struggling with the thought of giving up feeding, But I am accepting it much more now and a healthy mummy who is here is better than a poorly mummy who may not be.

I`m just being paranoid about the Dr finding something worse with the blood tests now :rolleyes: I`m a cheery soul as you may have noticed :rolleyes::8855:

Taz, I know thyroid plays a big part. I am on a high dose already tho and added another quarter of my dose again and it made no difference :( Knowing my luck, They`ll say i`m on too much :p

I am now beginning to look forward to the "new me" that I may be able to achieve if I take the Xenical :) I have a couple of big meet ups coming up with mums from another forum I`m on so it would be GREAT to be much slimmer for it! :D One is going to be in Germany in the summer so will be nice if I can wear clothes to stay cool rather than having to cover up all the flab!!! ;)

If I start taking them, I am going to keep a photo diary :eek: So advanced warning now that there may be some very scary pics on here soon :8855:

Love to all

LiSe Xxxxxxxx


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Wow, looking forward to the pics. People often see smaller numbers on the scales but don't realise how different they look. My mum has an underactive thyroid and it took a long time to get the correct dose. Try not to worry about the blood tests or anything else until it happens (easy for me to say suffering depression and anxiety lol). Most of the stuff they detect can be treated so wait and see.

Not being a mum I don't know first hand about the bond between you and your little one but I do know that she would prefer a healthy mum. There are plenty of other ways to keep that bond strong and she'll be going to pre-school soon so you won't be able to feed her. You've already given her the best start in life which some people can't so be proud of what you've achieved. Maybe time to think about you now?

Take care x
Aww thanks Obsy! x

She is already in preschool 2 full days a week, Has been for awhile now :( But with 3 older siblings, She needs the stimulation - Being stuck at home with boring mum would bore her to tears lol

I`m just a bit paranoid as I had cancer dx in 2005 whilst I was pregnant with her. I got the all clear in 2006 but still the paranoia never goes away :sigh:

Hope things are going well for you xXx


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It sounds like you have a lot of anxieties. Have you had any help to work through these? It's amazing what a bit of talking therapy can do, I see a councellor every fortnight to unload my worries and troubles and it really helps. If anything gets chucked at me I just think 'that's ok, I'll tell my councellor next week' and it's quite healing x
Glad to hear you have a coping strategy Taz :D

I`m ok, I plod on ;) It`s just that 1 thing that gets to me. I think for a time it was my stumbling block to losing weight. Cos I was paranoid I wouldn`t know if the weight loss was good weight loss or if it was the cancer again (messed up I know, But that`s my head for u :rolleyes: lol ).

Have a good day, Need to drag Takara out of bed for nursery, Little moomin won`t get up lol xXxxxx


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Not messed up at all hun, never underestimate the power of cancer on your mind. As long as you are in tune with your body you will be able to lose weight and recognise if anything is abnormal x

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