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Had my first big slip :(


Ugly duckling going Swan.
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First time in 15 weeks which I guess I should be proud of but it was a biggy. One scotch egg and NINE truffles. I think it's because I have had such a bad week feeling poorly so I missed a couple of days exercise, I've been struggling with my BDD at full volume, and I had someone be a bit mean to be at the beginning of the week which has been playing on my mind. This week is meant to be flexable anyway because of a big family event so I was not expecting a loss for friday anyway but am feeling low that I slipped after all this time. Not going to quit though. Can't afford to. Not this time. Too much on the line. This guy isn't coming out.....:break_diet:But still.... much upset.
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Put it all behind you and get back to the plan. You've done well so far and a slip up doesn't mean that you aren't still a success.
Learning how to deal with slip ups is part of ensuring long term success.


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Hey hun (Biiiggggg Hugggssss) bad days are going to happen, its just learning to brush yourself down and start again the next morning. If the odds have really been stacked against you this week anyway due to situations going on then I think you have done brilliantly just to slip up once. If your weigh isnt until friday then all isnt lost you still might be pleasantly surprised. Keep your chin up, and whoever is being mean just isnt worth it x


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Don't worry about it, honestly. We all slip up, as we are human. Just draw a line, and start afresh. You have done so well and should feel proud of yourself.
Just a bit of a funny. Years ago when I first did SW, there was a lady there who was always so good and only had weight losses. She was near target, and she suddenly slipped. For no apparent reason she ate 52 five bar kit-kats in a couple of days. Obviously she had a minor set back with her weight loss, but went straight back and was at target in no time! It shows we all make mistakes but can get right back.... good luck!!


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I think thats a little slip. It would only have turned into a big one if it had made you throw the towel in which is hasnt. You've got till Friday - you may be pleasantly surprised at weigh in. Dont be so hard on yourself hun

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