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Had quite a scare this moring - but all OK now.

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Well, it’s good to know I am not losing my mind! There is a reason I have been in such pain the last few days….I’ve done myself an actual injury!

I had quite a scare today, this morning at work. The pain in my shoulder and collarbone and chest area was very severe. I was also struggling to breathe. And then – first time ever, I had pain surging down my left arm. This is when I got very upset, and to be honest, very scared. I tried to carry on working and ignore it, but it was needling away at me. I was finally in tears, as breathing hurt again. And I was fed up with it. And the pain in my arm scared me. So, I called my doctor who knows my history. Great – was told he retired recently due to poor health (L made me sad). So, I called my specialist. Great. He is on holiday for 2 weeks.

So I could no longer concentrate – I spoke to my manager and said I was suffering and that I was now a bit concerned. So, I went to A&E. They were brilliant! They whisked me in, did a heart thingy to make sure I wasn’t going to keel over, and put my mind to rest – and thankfully the old ticker was good.

But – what I have done – I have sprained my collarbone! Of all things!!! He told me I was not the first one who came in in a panic thinking it was something more sinister. I asked how in the heck could that happen – he said “dunno!” Coughing attack, sneezing attack, etc.

Anyway – I went away relieved, but upset that it will feel like this for the next 2-3 weeks.

I got back to work, and wasn’t satisfied with the old coughing/sneezing theory, so had a look on the net. One of the main causes of this injury, is falling forward onto an extended hand.

Exactly 1.5 weeks ago, on my break, I tripped on the steps, and landed hard on my left extended hand.

Voila. Mystery solved.

Klutz. :D But klutz in awful pain. L :D

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Gotta Make A Change
Get better soon :)


is loving CWP xx
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That's exactly what happened to my mum a few months ago. We thought she was having a heart attack!! She eventually went to A&E and they told her she'd sprained her shoulder. The only way should could have done it was in bed (don't ask me how, I don't want to know!!!)

She had antibiotics and 2 weeks off work. But at least it wasn't anything more sinister.

I hope yours feel better soon and take it easy x x


I Can Do This!
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Phew. Always good to identify a real and specific cause of all the pain. Hope you feel better very soon BL. At least the mental anguish is much reduced :). xx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
THanks guys. BEcks, it was scary. Not anything I ever want to fear again. ANd it would be just my luck, irony being what it is - get all healthy and then drop dead. :rotflmao: I shouldn't laugh really - but sheesh. Got all healthy and my neck went - so, you just never know.

And TI, it certainly does help woth the mental anguish.

Tell you what, before this mornings fear, I had just sort of began to expect this to be another symptom of my neck disease, and I thought Noooooooooooooo, I can;t have this TOO!!! SO, I am grateful, so so grateful, its a one off. Absolute relief.

Thanks ladies.

Off to weigh in. FIngers crossed!! Then home to curl up.


Doncha just love that word? Can we borrow it?
I'm so glad it was nothing more sinister although I do know you are in pain right now. At least you know it will get better.


Playing the Angel
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Glad to hear that it is a sprain and nothing more sinister BL. I cracked a rib once from coughing, and it was sooo painful, so cannot imagine how much pain you must be in. At least you know that it is going to heal :) Have you tried some voltarol or similar? Otherwise, my sis gets some great cool packs from the pharmacy for when she does her ankle in (lol more frequent than you might think!)

Rest easy chick and take a bit of time off work if you can to heal yourself.

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((HUGS)) glade everythings ok BL had me worried at the begining of the post!! but everythings alright now well bar your poorly collarbone! Rest little collarbone :)
I thinkn its a wise decision to end abstainse this week as your body has been through the war by the sounds of it! and you probably do need some of those essential oils to help everything heal :)
After all what your ex said doesnt mean ****! look at the person you are today, dont dwell to much into the past your given him way to much of an influence and more effort than hes worth!! :D
Loveyou lots!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
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Crikey, what a panic you have had and I'm not suprised it was scary:eek:. I would have been too!!

Very glad to also read that it wasn't anything more sinister BL xx Rest up now, eh? ;):D

Wise words - it's much easier to assess someone else's situation isn't it?


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What a relief I am so pleased for you (well if you know what I mean - sorry you are in such bad pain but pleased it is nothing more sinister and will get better)
Like you say that would be blummin typical, get all healthy and then keel over, funnily enough it was running through my mind this morning - what if I lose all this weight and then get cancer or something - I do tend to worry a lot - I need to use some CBT to get a handle on it really.
Sorry to digress.
Hope the pain eases off soon.
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Sorry to hear about your scare, think i would have been likewise, but i am glad that at least you know the cause and that it will sort itself out. Hope in the meantime the pain isnt too bad and you can keep your spirits up


Guess who's back...?
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Awww, sorry to hear you're feeling a bit sore and uncomfortable, but YEY that it's only a temporary issue that will get better. You'll be back at your goal in about the same time your collarbone is fixing, so you can do a little celebratory dance on both counts! :)

P.S. I too am claiming use of the word klutz too... it's underused and this is a travesty!

A x

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