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Had some spotting :-(


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Well like the title says ive had some spotting called the early pregnancy unit and the were closed but managed to speak to a midwife after about an hour on hold! she said it dosnt sound like much to worry about and just to rest and relax!!...Hard when u have a 13 month old to look after! never mind...just hope my bean is ok xx
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hope everything is ok honey! my son was still born just before xmas, so knwo the worry your going through. but try and relax


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Dont wory sweet, keep smiling and stay positive, keep sending that baby of yours loads of loves im sure everything will be fine



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Hope everythings ok, spotting is quite common in early pregnancy, it doesn't always mean the worst. Try and do as the MW says ((hugs))

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Sorry to read this, and can imagine how anxious you must be feeling. but really truly keep a positive mental attitude and rest up well ((hugs)) can be totally normal, and hang onto good thoughts for your bean.

Sticky vibes for you ((hugs)) I had an early scan after they feared my pregnancy was ectopic, so it can all turn out fine. x


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Thanks girls! I cant help but think the worse but im sure bean will be ok! Its stopped for now and no pain so im keeping my fingers crossed!! Midwife said i dont even need an anti d, as im O resus neg, also said that if im still worried monday i can have an early scan...i will be around 7 weeks so will it still be internal? xx


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Hey hun, hope you're ok and got my fingers crossed that little beano is OK xxx
As for internal scan, I think they may now give you an external one seeing as you're coming up for 7 weeks. xxx Hugs for you xxx

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i hope everything is ok sweety, xx


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Aww sorry to hear that your bleeding, but thought I'd let you know it doesn't always mean bad news.

I had bleeding at 7-8 weeks and I'm now nearly 17 weeks. I was scanned at 7 and 8 weeks and both were external and you could see the heartbeat.

Positive vibes being sent your way hun.


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Thanks for the replys guys! im pleased to say that there has been no more bleeding and i have had no pain so im pretty sure bean is ok! Ill be sure to let u no if i have the scan x


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Glad to hear hunni, hopefully it was just a little bit of implantation bleeding or something like that and that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! :D xxx


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I had a bleed at 7 weeks, so know how worrying it is. I had an external scan asap, which put my mind to rest