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Had the weekend off plan and feel AWFUL!!

I managed to get my 12lb off in time fpr my consultants so as a 'treat' gave myself the free will to have what I liked this weekend..... as Im not back for 10 weeks now, so thought few days off and back on on Mon.

So I have and I feel awful. Not emotionally/guilty but physically.

Ive had pastry, chocolate, cream, crisps, heavy gravies and sauces stuff I havent had for a while and my oh my do I notice the difference. Im sluggish, irritable, moody, snappy, heacachey ..... and the only thing thats changed is my diet and only for 3 days.

Ive thrown all the crap out and am back on plan early, craving fruit, veg and fresh free food.

I really do think this is a 'weigh' of life now and not a diet for me.

Anyone else have times like this?
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Oh god I know what you mean!

I unfortunately have to have the odd week off plan when I go away with work on a 5 day long residential trip which includes lots of outward bound (heavy exercise) activities! So I need to eat to keep going. We go catered and it's cooked breakfast/cereal/toast, then white bread/cheese/crisps/biscuits and then full meal/desert!! And no facility to make my own SW stuff. I take Alpen light bars instead of biscuits, but I still feel rotten at the end of the week!



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It is amazing how quickly my body feels like this too. That said, I also am surprised how I still consider a weekend like that to be a 'treat' - until I do it that is!

Every now and then, I have an off plan weekend/break, and feel awful for it. Admittedly, the regularity of these occasions IS decreasing - I can only assume that one day I will look back and realise my instinctive habits really have changed for life.
Yea I know what you mean, thanks for your posts. I still see it as a treat but it really doesnt feel like it. I think next time I'll have one treat and be done :)


loves food and cooking
I take it you are feeling better for being back on plan again?
It just proves it how much crap is in the naughty food to have such a fast negative impact on the body ....
Well done for starting back, perhaps treats off plan will only be a day now,, LOL

Phil x


I have my mojo
I've done this before and felt exacty the same as you. Our bodies aren't used to it anymore! Sometimes I do think it gives you a met boost though....if you don't go overboard that is! lol But that way is a slippery road I suppose :D

K xx

Scarlet Daisy

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In the past I lost a lot of weight and decided to have a treat one day, when I took my son for a burger. I had a quarter pounder with cheese and I was really looking forward to tucking in...But it tasted revolting. It was like having your mouth filled with lard. Ugh.
I take it you are feeling better for being back on plan again?
I do thanks Angie, still feel tired and sluggish but recon that will go by the end of the day. I also like the routine of the plan, rather than 'yea I'll eat everything' made me realise Ive not got as far to go as I thought in terms of my behaviour - I used to be a big time secret/comfort eater and could eat a small country in one day but now I cant eat as much and my tolerance for crappy food is alot less.

Gimme good stuff!!

Thanks for all your posts :)


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I feel the same as you when I have some time "off". Not that it stops me doing it, but like Angie, they are becoming less frequent and I alos don't have as much as I used to.
Before I could go on holiday and put half a stone on, this last time I stayed the same and I still felt like I indulged!! Instead of every cake on the buffet, I had just one.

We have to go through these times to make our bodies and minds realise we don't actually need or want these foods in such quantities!

Well done for getting back on track Cherryade - where are you off to for 10 weeks now?
Jay xx

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