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Haha I'm such a wimp!!


Slimming down the aisle
I just had a beetle in my room and had to get my Dad to come and get rid of it. Was small, like 1.5cm or so. But still, was a beetle, I didn't want to touch it! My friend is now taking the piss out of me for it. I'm not the only one that would have done that right?!
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Id have done the same :)
beetles don't bother me. Now if it had been a spider.....................

Sunshine Singer

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Uhhhhhhhh :( I once picked up a slug in my room thinking it was a bit of rubber !!!! All squidgy and gross. I hate spiders and have had to get used to them in my ground floor appartment. I used to call my Dad to get rid but he's in another country now so a bit unfair to get him over on a plane!!! My oh has no pitty for me either and thinks its funny I'm scared of them. xxx


Slimming down the aisle
I hate beetles!! When I was about 10 I woke up with a huuuge stag beetle flying in my face. Was huuuuuge! 3 inches or so. Not been a fan since!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Yep i woke up with a spider on my pillow when i was 8 and it ruined me. xxxxxxxxx They don't even pay me rent and invite their friends in. lol


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Wimps the lot of ya ;) Get a glass and a bit of cardboard, put the glass over offending beastie, slide the cardboard underneath and toss it out the window.

I hate slaters, cockroaches and earwigs, other than that nothing bothers me. I'll still get rid of them but they give me the shivers. :mad:

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