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Hailz (and anyone else) Restart Monday 4th January 2010

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I originally started CD in October 2010 at 12st 12lb's. I got to 11st 11lbs by the end of November.
Due to personal reasons and being ill and pure bad luck i had to come off CD but am glad to say i restart today.

My restart weight is: 12st 4lb's!!!

Im hoping to shift at least 2 stone by valentines day and be a slimmer more confident girlfriend for my lovely boyfriend :)

Thats the plan anyway

Any ladies wishing to join me today on a restart please feel free :)
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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
HAHAHAHA thanks Becca, hadn't updated that goal **oops**

Thank you for the tattoo comment :)

I am re stating today after a few weeks off at crimbo and I am looking to lose 2 stone by feb so your in good company

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Awesome sounds good to me :)
More company on this journey the better..... x
Indeed how are you doing? day one is always ok for me as I am focused I am hoping that day 2 and 3 will go fast as I am at work then day 4 is like being reborn without hunger lol

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I'm doing fine, 3 sachets a day and then in the evening a piece of fish or plain chicken just till im out of the hunger phase :)
You? x
2x porridge 1x soup and a bucket of water thats me done for the day so its on here or FB for distraction
Hi, I'm a newbie. Started Monday, haven't been hungry, but been a bit nauseous. Day 3 today so hopefully it should get a bit better. I'm absoutely determined this time.
Can you have a slice of Lemon in hot water, as I can't face coffee first thing in the morning and tea tastes aweful black?
A long way to go but I'm in it to win it.
I am trying the cambridge diet this year following a couple of failed attempts last year on LL, but this time its different as I am sick of wasting time being fat when the slim person inside me is desperate to wear a swimsuit this summer - ok weird thinking of summer when its covered with snow outside! Anyway, count me in on the weightloss for valentines plan - I pledge to lose 20lbs by 14th feb.

Think the lemon thing is a bad idea as the citric acid could knock you out of ketosis.


Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hi Lesley,

Its a big no-no to lemon. Any fruit has carbs in it which is strictly not allowed on SS.

I used to have green tea with a mango infusion and that was not allowed so i now have just plain green tea.

Glad your getting on well with CD :)
well I am a moody cow tonight but I know it will pass soon enough keeping up with my water and looking forward to a lush bubble bath tonight.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Aww Kerry, I hope the moodiness passes quickly. Thats why my OH hates me being on this because last time i got stroppy i the beginning but its day 3 and no problems yet :) Well apart from a headache yesterday.

In time well all be fine!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Thank you Shanny :D x
I have just had my lovely bubble bath 1/2 a lush bubble bar and 1 small lush bath bomb,feeling lovely now.

Hubby has started today and wow he is a grumpy bugger lol

day three tomorrow woohoo

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Day 4 . . .

I worked till ten last night helping my OH and one of his farm managers clear snow for lorries to get in and out. *My god* When i got home i ended up having 3 chicken breasts but no shake......
Weighed myself this morning and no loss and no gain so not bad news really.
Will be drinking water like its going out of fashion today and already had my 1st shake and about to make a green tea :)

Hope everyone else is getting on well?! x
least you ate chicken it could of been a lot worse just drink lots of water, Its hard when you have been busy.
I volunteer at a school on Thursdays which has been a great distraction but I am feeling good today not hungry at all like I was expecting for day 3 so I am happy.

I am hoping things are better weather wise tomorrow as I need to get to work I have to travel for 40-60 mins to get there but if i don't go I don't get paid :-( .

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Well im screwed. Got one scahet left when i get home and thats it, didnt make it to my CDC last night and wont again tonight so im miffed off completely!

Was doing sooo well too. Now i got to wait till the snow clears next week and i know for deffinite i can get to her without any problems.

Bloody weather, god knows what im going to do for brekkie. I can easily do fish for lunch and chicken breast for dinner or vice versa but im screwed for breakfast plus we've already done our shopping for this month so my OH wont venture to a store again. *grrr* So much for my restart.

At least i have lost 2lbs this week. . .
the weather has been awful for the CDers delivers not getting to CDCers and people running out, just try and stick to low carbs, low fat till you can get more packs, it really sucks for you chin up you have done really well so far xx.

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