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Total Solution Haimaat's Exante Diary

Good morning dear Diary.

I hope I'm doing this right as I want to keep a weight loss journal and hope this is the way it's done.:confused:

Anyway today is my first day of Exante's TS. I did intend to start yesterday but one of my girlfriends from South Africa came over to spend the day as we are celebrating the appearance of the sun over here in England. Usually when a girlfriend comes over it will involve food chats and wine. As the sun is putting in a regular appearance all of this get done in the garden. :cool:

Taking into account all that I have just told you, I knew it was not a good day to start my weight loss journey. So... I earmarked today as the day and weirdly found myself feeling less relieved and more ancious about not starting. I'm taking this as a good sign, as my thinking is that I obviously want this a whole lot. :rolleyes:

Of course my intelligence and common sense always tells me that I want to lose the burden of my weight but my emotions don't always recieve the message and will sometimes work independently to undermine my efforts. I'm sure a lot of people who are overweight like me will understand what I'm saying as all the years of abusing my body with food has somehow I think turned off the connection that my emotions had with my intelligence regarding food. :eek:

Anyway I am feeling positive as I think the underlying feelings of expectation I was experiencing yesterday was clearly my emotions feeling regret at not having started my Exante.

Also to make matters worse my girlfriend has lost loads of weight recently due to marital problems and loads of stress at work. Of course I felt compassion and sorry for her situation but I could not stop focusing on her weight loss. To someone as overweight as me and who spent most of her childs growing up as more of a tubby mummy than a yummy mummy. Weight loss however gained is, weight loss and I thought she looked fantastic. ;)

Sooo... today is the day and so far feeling fabulous and looking forward to the week ahead.

Starting weight = 20st 2lbs
Height = 5ft 5
Overall conclusion = too fat:cry:

Dear diary see you tomorrow and goodbye weight forever:wave_cry:
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Hi to anyone who's here. Can anyone please tell me if I'm keeping this diary correctly or is there a special format? Also how can I add a ticker marker thingy to the bottom of my diary page to chart my weight loss.

Thanks for any replies. x
Hey you can put whatever you like in your diary don't worry I post all sorts of rubbish in mine lol
Good luck with the diet the first week seems to be the hardest but stick with it and youll do well!! Drink loads of water that's my first tip just drink drink drink!! It helps with the headaches and hunger pangs!!
I know what you mean about friends but just think they'll soon be jealous of your be fabulous figure!!!!
Keep posting there's always someone to help advise or rant at you lol
We all need a butt kicker now and again ;)
Happy dayz !!! Xxxxx
Oooh the ticker thing yup go to the ticket factory make your ticker then paste it onto your signature box on your minimins profile! Took me ages to figure it out but if you look on tech help page on minimins it will guide you through it! Xx
Thanks Kazz,

going to go give ticker factory a try. I'm all for sparkly stuff and the chart at the end of the page looks, well... good basically.

I am taking your advise with the water thing. At moment drinking a cup of hot water. Its giving me the comfort sensation that a cup of tea does and usually I drink about 10 cups a day.

Thanks for taking time to post Kaz and well done to you on getting rid of 13lbs.


Full Member
Good morning and welcome to Exante :)

I started this diet last Monday and I agree that you have to get about 4 litres of fluid (mostly water) down every day. I have found that if I drink 3 litres of water....sparkling and still during the day, coffee and black tea and then treat myself to coke or flavoured water in the evening with lots of ice it doesn't seem so bad that I can't have my glass of wine or gin and tonic at the weekends.........but that's just me!

Other than that, just keeping your mind busy for the first 3 days is the only way to get on with it I have found. Then after 3 days (or so) the hunger goes and you get into the rhythm of just having packs for fuel.

I am so pleased with how it has gone. I got on the scales today and find I have lost 10lb even though tomorrow is my official weigh day, so it does work.

Good luck and keep posting here and reading all the threads. They are a great bunch of people and always here to help you get through the difficult times.
Hi Antari,

thanks for the advice. I will be drinking lots of water but am a little worried about when and to get it done as I work outside and don't always have access to loo's. This first week I have devised a plan to work until 1 only and get back home to do paperwork on laptop. That way I'll be near my toilet for quick dashes if needed.

I'm already loving the contact and support on this site and think its a god send. Congratulations on the 10lbs and wow makes me motivated even more.


really trying again!
Good luck missy- once you get the first few days under your belt you will be plain sailing (well almost). Like you, I started at 20st something but can happily say that hopefully by tomorrow I will be 17st something and that's just being 10 weeks in. There are some great motivational stories on here for when you are having struggling times and feel free to rant and moan when you're having a bad day- I sure do in my diary! Like the others have said, keep going with the water and I find trying to keep bus always helps too. Good luck xxx
Thanks ladygaga.

I'm just off to see a film and getting there early so that I can get an aisle seat as I have not stopped peeeing all day.

Going out for a drink after and have decided to be honest with my friend and suggest going for a coffee instead.

I have not felt hungry at all today so far, which is good but bearing in mind I ate quite a bit yesterday so probably still digesting that lot (LOL)
Ok, it's only day 2 but Yay... I got through day 1 and I even managed to socialise without needing to eat. Went to see animation at the theatre at 5pm so made sure to have my last meal pack just before leaving and took bottle of water with me.

I managed to stick to fizzy water even though after the show the inevitable happened and everyone headed to a nearby restaurant. I simply said that I was on a new healthy food regime and could not eat out of the house at the moment. Not a soul battered and eyelid and the conversation quickly went to the analysis of the show.

I am really surprised at how easy it was to stick with water and not feel at all bothered that others were eating.

I have woken with a bit of a headache this morning but not sure if it’s just down to the late night or maybe I need to drink more water.
I had such a good time and the weather was so nice all I kept thinking of was the lovely clothes I’ll be wearing by the height of the summer.
Yay... rock on exante
Wow day 2 was hard. Had a headache most of the day and dizzy spells too. I also spent most of the day hungry and thinking of food. Just hoping today is better as I've woken up feeling wreaked.

Wonder if anyone else doing Exante TS has had similar experience with first day being a breeze and second like... well not hell exactly but hell on fire. Off to read a few diaries now to see if I can find any words of comfort.


Likes to change diets...
Hi haimatt:) Yes i find day 1 okay, day 2 and 3 a little more challenging. ( Have started Ex a few times over the last few weeks but in a much better frame of mind this time)

Day 4 is so much better...you will get there! Just keep busy, lots of water, coffee, tea and come on here to distract yourself.

Have a good day:)
I had really bad headaches to start with which is very unusual for me. They did fade after a few days though, but I still get quite tired. Lots of other people said they got a real burst of energy, but I haven't had one of those for about 20 years! It definitely got easier after the first few days though so go for it!


really trying again!
The headaches will pass chick, the more you drink and busier you keep yourself I found that helped. Make the most out of having a nice bath and an early night as I promise it does get easier once ketosis kicks in. Once your breath starts to reak then you know you are there xx
First let me just say a huge Thank You to everyone who replied with such encouraging notes on here. THANK YOU...
Yesterday was god awful at some points I actually thought I was going to die. I had such a horrible tightness in my scalp that was worse than any headache I ever had. I contemplated eating so many times, my emotions were like a yo yo dragging me back and forth to the kitchen and fridge until I said enoughs enough let me just go out.

I went for a bit of a stroll and bumped into a friend who needed to talk about a whole load of stuff and that helped swallow up a whole 2 hours and a bit. By the time I got back I was feeling better but still not able to concentrate on doing any work.

Had my last shake... Mushroom... Eeeeew YUCK and I've got 2 more of them in the box. I'm gonna have to do something to make it nicer any suggestions out there?

After that I came on here for a bit but couldn't post anything as I was not felling positive at all and started getting iritated by all the "go for it's". Although sincere I was in a frame of mind of leave me alone this is too hard. Anyway glad to say I made it and have woken up this morning feeling really fine. Actually I'd go as far as to say I'm feeling really awake and refreshed and not hungry this morning. This must mean I'm in ketosis right? Anyway I'm holding off on my shake until I feel hungry and want it and am using the mantra that... FOOD IS FUEL NOT OXYGEN... I found last night that it really helped me get to sleep thinking this, so I'm keeping it as my help mate.

Anyway now that I'm feeling better today and more like a human being, I'm going to get loads of work done as I did sweet FA yesterday except complain and think about food.

Please dear lord let the rest of this diet stay like this cause I do so need to lose a shed load of weight.

Cheerio anyone who reads this and have a super weight loss day today
Oh I know what you mean about the soup!! I'm not a fan either tried chilli flakes in it to give it some taste but na!! It's just not for me no too taken with the bars either do I'm a shake gal!!!!!! However some people love the soups and bars and hate the shakes so whatever floats your boat!!!
Glad you're feeling better and sticking with it.
Have a fabby day too chick! Xxxxxx
The only soup I really cannot stand is the tomato one: tastes foul, smells foul and comes out pink! I add loads of black pepper to the other ones and that does help me.
Hi all,

Last night I added a whole lot of tabassco to my tomato soup and voila... it actually tasted a bit like tomato. So this is my new strategy. My bouillion arrived in the post at last. I had bought it online at the weekend at the organicstore.

Also day 5 and I've alread found ways to make my meals last longer. I now half a bar and half a shake for breakfast. Do the same for lunch and split my soup into to two plus two cups of buillion during the day and 2-3 litres of water I just did not feel at all hungry yesterday and in fact felt full and alert at the same time.

I am just praying every day that it stays this way for the duration as this is more than bearable. I am feeling lighter already but am resisiting the scales although I can see my stomach is not so, well... stretched to capacity.

No headaches yesterday and managed to get loads of work done. so pleased with that.

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