Hair loss again


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I know there has been many a post about hair loss on here. It's now happening to me. Falling out in great handfuls, it is. That's why i am awake so early to post this; it's worrying me, and bits of hair are poking me in the face and waking me up!
My question is this; have any of the supplements slowed down or stopped the loss, if so, which ones from where?
Hun - you shouldn't really need any supplements - all of your vitamins and minerals are in your packs.

About 10% of vlcd-ers will have some hair loss - it's like the loss you get after pregnancy. All of the studies/information I've read about it suggests that your hair will grow back thicker and glossier, so please don't worry about it too much. Stress can cause hair loss, so try to forget about it.

If you are really worried, then go to your GP for a check up to make sure.

hello wanabea minime
i to am having hair loss really bad but i ,m not to worried it seems to be a common problem on vcld it will come back honest it will
Hi wannabeminime,

I had hair loss very bad, I was in real competition with our dog at the time as she was shading her winter coat.

It can be scary as it was coming out very fast every time I washed my hair and combed it.

My hair was long and I did feel it was a bit lanky and felt like a change and got it cut.

My hair dresser could see how all the new hair growth was coming through at the same time it seemed to be falling out.

I have gone through some milder shedding that I am on SSing again I do expect it to happen but I will not feel as anxious has before as I think it actually improved my hair, everyone says it looks very well.

My nails are very good and before this diet they were breaking all the time.

I know some girls took extra supplements and felt it helped them, but I don't remember what they were or did they take them after they finished SSing.

I hope this reassures you but like Isobel says if you are still worried get yourself checked out with the doctor.

Love Mini xxx
Hi wanna

I worred greatly over this too. And i lost about a third of my hair, but it was evenly spread and i had no bald patches. Nobody else noticed the difference (other than my hairdresser who was always shocked at how much hair came out when she washed it!)

I started eating again on 1 May and my hair has grown back with a vengeance. I have so many short bits all over my head, it's a nightmare to straighten!! But i'm glad it's growing back cos i did have images of it all falling out!

It's a common side effect and absolutely NOTHING to worry about!
Thanks for the reassurance Karen! Thats good to hear!

I read your dating thread with interest, i am just about to start the old internet dating again! :eek:
Hi Bex

Are you reassured now or still threating. Not the kind of loss you had in mind eh?

Speak to you soon

Diana xxx
Yes, i have tried lots of internet dating before FJ (SJ!), never really met the right type, but i remain ever hopeful:confused: ! Mr Right is out there somewhere, and i will find him one day! I just wish he would stop hiding!

Diz, i do feel reassured about the hair, but bought some hair tablets anyway form Holland and Barrett today. Dont think a bald head would impress the men! Not unless they had a fetish for it! lol!
I seem to suddenly be getting quite a lot of hair loss too now. Not too worried about it but what vitamins did you decide to get? Has it improved that you have noticed? Dizzy
Just the tablets from Holland and Barrett, 'vitamins for the hair'. No difference so far. Couldnt afford the Nourkrin ones, they are meant to be the best, but are £50 for a months supply!
About a month after finishing LL i started to majorly lose hair, and kept moulting for about another month! Some people will naturally lose hair after dieting, and theres nothing you can do to prevent it. However, to speed up the growth, you should take silica supplements.

My hair did grow back fairly quickly...only problem was that where it grew back, it was white...and im only 24!! Oh well, i think i look distinguished now!! ;-)
I lost ALOT of hair from stress in my early 20s. It grew back and the doctor did put me on vitemins, sorry I cant remember which ones and it helped. But if you go into a health food store and ask, they should know. Better to try the smaller local ones than the big chains for a more knowledged staff.