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Mrs Depp

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I haven't been able to find a thread that's relevant to my question so I'm hoping that someone sees this and can give me some advice.

This may be a bit long winded but I have to make sure I put all the facts down. I started CD in May and have lost just over 1st 8lbs (very happy about that!) Since coming back from my hols early July I've continued with it but have had a few lapses where I've picked at food, but nothing to make me put on weight luckily.

A couple of weeks ago I was taken in to hospital suffering from vomiting and diahorea (sp?) and it took them a few days to find out that I had Viral Gastro-enteritis. After about 3 days in hospital I was allowed to eat and decided to try a sensible approach.

I was allowed home after 5 days and continued to eat so as to build up my system before resuming CD on Thursday last week. I'm having second thoughts though as after washing my hair this morning I found the bath was covered with hair.:eek: I don't lose a lot of hair normally and am upset to think that there'll be more loss as I have very very fine hair already (you can see my scalp and I've always been self conscious about that). I didn't lose any hair previously on CD.

I've got between 7-14 lbs to get to my goal weight and am thinking maybe I should do it without CD and hope that I don't lose any more hair from my already balding head.

Thanks for reading this, I feel confused and don't know what to do for the best.:confused: :confused:
Hi, I did LL last year and did have some hair loss. However I'm lucky that I had really thick hair to begin with so it didn't show. I continued to loose hair for about a month after finishing LL. But then it started to grow back and seemed to return very quickly, so it wasn't a problem for me. I understand your concerns, having fine hair. 7-14lbs doesn't sound like too much more to loose. how long would that take 3 or 4 weeks? It might be worth the risk. Maybe if the hair loss seems too much you could move to step 2 and add some food to your diet (I'm assuming you're currently on ss).
Good luck whatever you decide.
Are you sure the hairloss is caused by the diet? I saw the doctor last week as I have some patches of alopcia and she noted that I had general hair thinning. I mentioned that I was also absolutely exhausted most of the time and she sent me straight for blood tests. Upshot is I have an underactive thyroid and am now having my meds adjusted. My thyroid has been slightly underactive for a couple of years but it has suddenly decided to change. Just wonder if this could be an issue for you? Love
Hi Suki,

I know what you're saying about 3 or 4 more weeks being worth the risk of losing a bit more hair, but I've just got this real dread that I'll end up bald on top and my hair is just about hanging on at the minute. I'd also have to take loads of time off work if it got any worse (I work on a supermarket checkout and can't bear to bend my head down in front of people anyway:eek:)

Step 2 sounds like it could be the right way for me, I've also been looking into Weightwatchers in the long term. I think it's more a case of my body being in shock due to the recent viral problem as I didn't lose any hair on CD up until this point.

Thanks for your reply, you've helped me to make it clearer in my head:)
Hi there - about 10% of people lose some hair after a vlcd - in a very similar way to the hair loss suffered by new mums. It's because in both processes, the body shuts off the hair loss and it then comes out when your body either has had the baby or comes out of ketosis. It is almost always the case that the hair then grows back fuller and more glossy than before - so I really wouldn't worry about it.

I sent you a PM about this - hope the advice helps you

Its a very sensitive issue - if you feel stressed about it now I would think long and hard before putting yourself through anything that will make you more concious of it, wether the loss would be temporary or not...

Jo x

Hi Barb,

My hair has always been very fine, inherited from my grandma unfortunately. I had all the usual thyroid tests a couple of years ago and mine's fine. I even asked my GP about using one of those hair growth treatments but he said that they're useless and I should just accept my hair the way it is. Yeah right says I looking at his big bushy wild hair!!:mad:

As I mentioned to Suki, I think it's maybe that my body is reacting to the shock of the viral g-e., as I did spend 3 full days being really ill. I somehow wish it was a thyroid problem, at least I could get it sorted like you have.:)

Thanks for your reply, I hope your thyroid get fixed soon:D
Hiya Jo,

I've just sent a PM back to you.

Thank you for your reply, I know the last thing I should do is get stressed about it, but as any woman know it's easier to say that than to do it!

Self-conscious is my middle name even after losing so much weight, my list of things that make me feel that way is still long and my hair is top of the list unfortunately:(

Thank you thank you.:D :D

I started LL/CD sole source in January lost 3 1/2 stone, for about the last stone was losing a LOT of hair then started SW then WW and found I was still losing hair but not losing weight! Lost hair constantly from April to mid August. Have just started 2 weeks now weightlossresources & have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks. My hair loss has now slowed down a lot, I'm pretty much back to normal where I was shedding tonnes. (I put in my 19 point WW habitual meals & found it was 1500 cals where I'm currently doing 1100 & finding it quite easy. No wonder I wasn't losing. During SW & WW I put on 7lbs but have now relost that by cutting back a lot). You will stop shedding but it may not only take 4 weeks, mine has taken 4 months so it must vary a lot. (Luckily mine was thick to start with but my ponytail is half the size it was!)

I don't know what to suggest but I just wanted to sympathise.

Love xxx
Hi Mrs Depp,

Hairloss can be very upsetting but your hair will come back normally much thicker than before.

It may not be due to CD but this can be a side effect of a VLCD.

Can I ask what your BMI is. If it is 26 or below you should not be doing SS with CD.

Maybe its now time to use a food programme which will reintroduce good eating habits and you will still have some of your daily nutrition from CD initially then reduce the packs as the calorific value of the programmes increase.

On the subject of hair loss...

My hair is fine but I have loads of it!

I have gone through cycles of hair loss in the last year while SSing and at one point it did get so bad that I decided to cut my long hair.

My hairdresser could see the new regrowth coming through.

It stopped for awhile and then began again with a vengeance, the dog was shading her winter coat and I seemed to be in competition with her.

I have not noticed it in awhile now..I am back SSing again and still no sign.

I was at the hairdresser last week and she could not get over all the new regrowth that I have.

I am happy to say I have a good head of hair.

But If this was not the case I would be most upset as my hair is my crowning glory and when it is not right I feel very upset...

So Carol I do see where you are coming from and I am wondering can your hairdresser see the new regrowth like mine did...? It is obvious...

Love Mini xxx
can i just ask - if the cd gives you 100 % of the recommended daily vitamins & nutirents, instead of having hair loss, wouldnt your hair be more likely to be stronger and thicker? Sorry if I am being a bit naive - I just wondered... :) :eek:
Thanks for the replies everyone,

Linda, my BMI is 24.9. I was thinking of reintroducing food but haven't read through my CD books to find out exactly what is involved. I need to lose between 7-14lbs and I think I'd prefer to start on the sensible route.

You're right about CD not being the reason for my hairloss, I've a feeling it's down to me being so ill, a sort of shock to my system. But I don't want to agravate the hairloss any more than necessary and maybe eating a healthy diet will encourage the hair to grow back quickly.
Hiya Mini,

I'm actually due for a haircut so will ask my hairdresser if there's any sign of re-growth over the next couple of months. If not I'll have to be patient and cross my fingers.

It just seems to be coming from the top of my head, which is where I need it most. If I get lucky and end up with slightly more hair than before that would be brilliant as my scalp has always been really noticeable (and embarassing).
Hi Squashedfroggy,

What I have read about it in various books and online says that it is actually more of a physiological response to the actual weight loss process rather than to the diet.

It is only a small number of people who tend to get it and the good news is that the hair does re-grow, usually thicker which is the case I find.

At the end of the day it is a choice between a healthy weight and long hair...

The other hair loss that some people might be confused with is the one called alopecia and this is where the hair comes out in patches which is a medical condition and it does need treatment by your doctor.

Other reasons for hair loss with a generalised thinning of the hair, is usually linked to emotional stress, severe illness, malnutrition, hypothyroidism and hormones.

Love Mini xxx
Hairloss is a symptom reported by those on VLCD's.

The body tries to save iteself by shutting down non-esential functions like hair growth and nail growth.

We all continue to lose hair whether doing a VLCD or not but the differenence can be that those on the VLCD do not experience regrowth whilst on the diet.

Maybe it is time to discuss moving up through the various CD programmes towards stabilisation :D
With a BMI of 24.9 you should be on the 1000 programme by now. It is important you move onto food quickly in order to protect your lean body mass and ensure your body is getting everything it needs.

Have you discussed this with your counsellor? What I would suggest is two days AAM, 2 days 790, then straight onto 1000 calories.

If you have any further queries please feel free to email me on [email protected].


I've been taking my 3 packs since last Thursday but unfortunately have also been picking at food a bit. Today I've only had 1 pack for breakfast. I've had a bit of cheese with lettuce, cucumber and tomato for both lunch and tea, couldn't resist the lovely lettuce I'm afraid!

My CDC isn't the most approachable person and doesn't really seem interested in giving out advice to her clients, I'll be changing over to Boobyjood as soon as possible.

In the meantime can I keep hold of your e-mail address just in case?