Hair loss?

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  1. neetsnewts91

    neetsnewts91 Member

    Hi All,

    I started lipotrim back in September for about 2/3 weeks and went on holiday and couldn't get back on. I have state tody and plan to shift another 4 stone, I lost 18lbs last time and have since only put on 3/4 lbs. I am concerned about the hair loss though. Has anyone had this happen or not happen, how long have to Been on it?

    Anita x
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  3. neetsnewts91

    neetsnewts91 Member

  4. nettie-reno

    nettie-reno Member

    Sorry I can't help you. Im only on the diet but I did read somewhere about hair loss. Hope you get the help you need x
  5. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    Hair loss tends to be a symptom of long term VLCDs and it's not a loss as such, just a case of hair growth slows down so it appears thinner as it's not growing back as fast.
  6. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    When I last did lt I lost 3 stone in 8 weeks. It wasn't until about 3 months later my hairs seemed to shed...I've always had long thick hair it was really upsetting it got like that! I had to buy clip in extensions to thicken it out! ...suppose it's just a price you pay unfortunately
  7. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    They should grow back once you've finished the diet as it doesn't stop it growing, it just slows down whilst your calories are restricted
  8. AngelWings

    AngelWings Professional Sky Dancer

    Hair loss is normal when your body goes under a big weight change or is under stress (emotional and/or physical). I ALWAYS have this problem (especially since I had my gallbladder out). The key is to lose weight S-L-O-W-L-Y (i.e. most people who get the gastric bypass and other stomach surgeries end up with major hair loss due to malnourishment and rapid weight loss). Normally hair loss will happen 3-4 months after said change, but mine falls out if I start exercising too much (i.e. hormonal). I have to watch the aerobic exercise or my hair will start shedding like crazy. So I just take things slow as to coddle my body. We must remember that our fat cells store a LOT of toxins, so when they are being expelled from our body, that is major stress, and things like hair shedding due to hormonal and physiological changes will naturally happen.

    The best thing you can do is make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals and essential fats. I'm not familiar with lipotrim or what it is, but if you can drink good mineral water with magnesium and calcium, as well as take a good colloidal multivitamin, it may help lessen the shedding.
  9. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    You don't require multi vitamins with Lipotrim as unlike the other TFR diets it contains 100% of your daily required nutrients. The other brands however do not.

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