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Good Afternoon Ladies,

Just a quick question, I have been doing Lighter Life since April and have lost 6 stone 10 lb so far. In September I was rushed to hospital because I had a breast abcess that had to be drained and removed, so I did go back to food for a period of time. I am currently having 2 packs and 2 meals a day anyway the question I have is have any of you suffered hair loss. My hair is definitely much thinner and I dont know whether this is a result of being ill or being on Lighter Life. I started at 21 stone 7 lb but am now 14 stone 10 lb so still have about 3 stone to go, but am starting to get concerned about the hair loss.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Kaz xxx
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Hello, I believe that as your body goes in to ketosis it will shut down non-essential maintenance such as new hair shaft growth. This is because your body uses it's energy to burn your fat stores, all that heat is inside, so you might also notice your hands are colder than usual too. Your old hair continues to fall out at the same rate however, because it's already dead tissue anyway, and that's why you get the thinning effect. Once you are back to food full time, your body will relax a bit and spend time catching up on the non essentials, like growing some lovely thick, shiny new hair!

It is also quite possible that your illness may have affected this process too, but I'm not qualified to comment on that!

I'm only 3 weeks in on LL and have only noticed my freezing fingers so far, but I started off with stacks of mad scarecrow hair anyway:D !!

Hope this helps,



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Hello, I'm only a week into the program so can't answer you question but hopefully someone will. The thought of hair loss terrifies me - my hair is the only think I like!


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Hi Kaztims,

Yeah, my hair is definately falling out. I have below shoulder length hair and at the moment it is a nightmare cleaning the plughouse out in the shower. I have plenty hair so it is a worry but it isn't falling out in clumps. I have put it down to Lighterlife diet as I haven't been ill.

I most definately feel the cold also, when everybody else is sweating cobs, Im sat there with my arms folded and with the fire on. It must be Lighterlife.

Small price to pay for being 'thin' EH !!

This is my 16th week on Lighterlife and Ive lost 67lbs so far with a stone and a half to go. (Can't wait).


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Hi Like you a started L in April and have lost 6 stone. I have finished now and one of the reasons was my hair. When i strated i had shoulder length blonde (from a bottle,lol) hair, aftre about 4 mnths into the plan it started falling out and got really thin on top so i decided to have it cut short and dyed it brown which was ok for a while but even so it kept falling out and was noticably thin on top. While i think the diet is fantastic i also hated the fact that my hair looked so bad, so i finished and joined another slimming group, i was fed up anyway and needed to get back to foodbutthe hairloss was a big factor to me. I have been chatting to others i know that have done the plan and one girl i know left about 3 months ago and hers is still very very thin although i have been told that i should give it a few months after returning to food to see the hair grow back. What i ask is if the paks provide all the vits and nutrients we need why does our hair fall out? thing is noone seems to have that answer. Also my LL counsello9r never once warned us of this.

Sorry for such a long thread i just wanted you to know that you are not alone, good luck with the rest of your journey, i truely admire you for being able to stay with it for so long.

Lots of love busy XX


Thank you Busy, it is really concerning me, but I still have at least 3 stone to go and I am concerned that if I dont stick with it I will never lose the weight as this is the only diet that has ever worked for me.

I may give it until Christmas and see how much hair I have left and how much weight I still have to lose!

Thank you for all your replies

Love Kaz xxxx


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Do not worry , this is very normal.

when the body is on reduced rations and needs to conserve nutrients for vital organ ( hair isnt vital!!) . the hair will go into a resting stage, it will also not start to grow any new hairs, this is all normal, just as this happend during pregnancy and some illness.

when the body resumes normal levels again , it will start to grow new hairs and these push out the old ones, so dont worry, if you are losing hair it means new is growing in its place.

this may mean you will have thinner hair for a while but hey you have got a thinner body for life!!!, fair swap in my opinion,

i felt like all my usually thick hair was falling out and wouldnt stop but that lasted a few months and now its fine, i have lots of lovely new hair growing and still have a thinner body.


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I am only on week 4 of LL but I remember the week 2 or 3 DVD did mention hair loss and we were all a bit worried about it but our counsellor said it doesn't happen to everyone and it is just as Lavender said. I am worried it will happen too!

Wild orchid

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Hi, wow ?I was just reading your letter posted in 2006 and I have just completed the lighter life diet and am currently oin route to management but been honest i havent been following it the last few weeks cause my hair has fallen out terribly and is so so thin on top of my head now that its quite depressing really, I have mentioned it to my counsellor many times but it always seems to get brushed under the carpet. Needless to say I am now taking viviscal tablets to encourage whatever bit of hair i have tleft to stay where it is and hopefully encourage more hair growth, i am totally disgusted, can i ask you did you manage to keep the weight off by changing over to another dieting class.. many thanks


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Hi just reading through the post & wanted to share. i started LL in April & lost 4.5stone & lots of hair!!! It got quite bad towards the end that I stopped short of RTM. The good news is that now after 4months of eating my hair has stopped falling out & is begining to thicken up again. I had it cut short & this really helped. It will come back, be gentle with it, dont colour it or put it under any stress:D .
I have put on 1.5stone and am trying to lose this on LLL so I continue to have food each day.


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Oh Gawd, reading this thread scares me....I really couldn't bear to lose my hair. :eek:

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Laydee, you should not lose anymore hair then you normally do day to day - its just that it stops sheding mostly in ketosis, and then all sort of goes at once, or quickly which is why it is so much more notieable.

You will be fine,

No one has walked away from LL Bald.

Only slim and beautiful. :D


Jo B

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OK - so I have just "come out the other side" of the hair loss thing and I can say it's not as bad as you think. I didn't really suffer with any until about a week before I started RTM - then it all seemed to come out at once. I did get a bit worried despite what I had read on here that it's normal etc. When you get out the bath and see what appears to be a huge amount in there you are bound to worry. I am now in week 7 of RTM and over the last week or so it has DEFINITELY slowed down, even my OH said so. So, don't panic - it doesn't happen to everyone but if it does as BL said you won't end up bald!


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Thanks BL and Jo ~ I have been stressing about this after reading other posts.

BL, you always have a way of putting things that makes me feel better. xx :)


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Reading back, my post sounded really negative:( I never regret doing LL it has changed my life & was worth having thin hair for a while. My hair is normal now & perhaps now I have it short even a bit better:D


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Laydeebug - Your avatar looks so sad :-(

You have lost a whooping 38.5lbs!!! are you ready to change it to a cheery eyore yet?


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Laydeebug - Your avatar looks so sad :-(

You have lost a whooping 38.5lbs!!! are you ready to change it to a cheery eyore yet?

haha! Sorry Mel....I hadn't actually realised how sad it was. :p I just love Eeyore!
Am going to find a happy one now................... xx :)


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There we go! xx :D