Hair loss!


I've been following SS for 6 months (had a 2 month break not gained a pound! ) got married and now back on SS to lose the remaining few stone.
I've noticed that i've lost a fair amount of hair, its quite thin on top and a bald patch thats not getting any better! has anyone else noticed this? any suggestions??

Lighter Lizzie
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Have a serene day!!
Hiya Lizzie.,

No, but I would go and see your GP, are you under any stress more than usual coz that can cause hair loss.

Sorry I can't help anymore, but WOW what a fantastic weight loss you have. Well Done!!!



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Hair loss can happen on the diet (or any diet for that matter).

While on SS your body can stop shedding hair as it is a waste of energy but then when you eat again it will then shed hair which can be alarming.

It is nothing to worry about and will only be temporary but if you are concerned then pay your GP a visit and get a check over.



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Hi Lizzie, when I did a VLCD five years ago and lost 5 stone I had hair loss. My hairdresser picked up on a bald spot and advised kelp tablets from the health shop. My counsellor for that diet said that this did happen to some people and that it was a side affect. Luckily I have thick hair so can afford to lose some. When I stopped the diet it did all start to come back,be it that I had a few little tufty bits.I dont know if you're allowed kelp tablets while ss, check with your cdc,but they did help me. Dont worry is does come back and IMO a small price to pay for thequick weight loss,hope this helps,
Nikki x
Hair Loss


Thanks for all your help , Kelp tablets? i'll look into that! at least i know it'll grow back eventually! as you say, a small price to pay for fantastic weight loss!

Thanks again, all help and support very much appreciated :):)


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I've noticed hair loss very suddenly in the last few weeks, I used to use 2 packs of dye on my hair because it's so thick and quite long. I now only use 3/4 of a pack of dye :(

It's going quite thin on top I think, my husband says he can't notice but one of my friends said she thought she could tell a difference. I get loads coming out when I wash it and it just seems to be shedding all day!