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  1. DillyDee

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    Have not posted for a while (actually, have never really posted very much at all!).

    Anyway, I've now lost over 6 stones, so happy with that. Hopefully just another couple of months of abstinence then I'll be able to move into RTM.

    For the past month or so my hair has been falling out a lot more. To me, it is now noticeably thinner. I know this is a potential side effect of LL, so am fine with that. I just wanted reassurance from others who have experienced this. How long did your hair keep falling out for and how long before it started to grow back?

    Many thanks

    DD x
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    Hi dillydee

    First of all well done on your weight loss! Thats fab!
    I did LL about 2 years ago (am now on Cambridge) and i did suffer the hair loss throught. Once i started eating again (or should i say over-eating!) it pretty much went back to normal.
    The reason for the hair loss on VLCD's is because you're body has to work harder to keep you energised, as you are having such little calories, that it can stop new hair growing and is also the reason for feeling colder. This will stop as soon as your calorie intake increases and new hair will grow again.
    So nothing to worry about!
  4. SexyBecks1

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    What a fab loss DD, well done.

    I was told pretty much the same as above. Because your body is using all the available energy for the important organs, things like hair and fingernail growth have to be put on the back burner. So because no new hairs are growing they don't push the old ones out. So when you start eating more calories, the new hair starts to push out the old.The hair that is now falling out now in thoery should have fallen out over the time that you have been in ketosis, so that's why it seems a lot.

    It will get back to normal, I promise x x
  5. Blonde Logic

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    Hi Dilly

    Well done on your progress!!

    I just had my hair cut last week and the stylist commented on the amount of new groth.

    I finished the RTM in December aftger abstaining for 10 months.

    Hope that helps!
  6. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    lost over 60 lbs with ll
    well done on ur loss ...amazing!!

    i too went throuh the hair loss..and no matter how many time people told me it was normal i still found it hard to deal with!! i think i was just worried!!

    im off ll since the end of jan and in the last month its been growin like mad!! its gotten so long (having it cut this week!!) and have little fluffy bits ha!!

    as hard as it is...dont worry!!
  7. sukie sue

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    just echoing what everyone else said , and i lost allot on abstinence last time in the end , but now 2 years later my hair is much thicker than its ever been , lost a little again this time but seems to have slowed , desperate for the hair on my legs to slow though (((blush))))that way my wax will last longer :eek:)xxxx
  8. Slimseaa

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    Hi DD, it took around 6 months after eating, that my hair stopped falling out and went slightly thicker again.
  9. susianna

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    Hi DD

    I'm in week 22 (week 5 of RTM) and mine started falling out on week 14 and whilst it is possibly a bit slower it is still falling out now.

    I have been quite stressed about it too and had my hair cut shorter which has made it look better. I have more reason to be worried than many as I had alopecia when I was 11 and lost my hair along the top and it has always therefore been thinner in that area since it grew back. It is now noticably thinner along the top and I am taking some (very expensive!) hair supplements called Nourkrin twice a day but they say it can take 6 months before you see any improvement / benefit so I can't tell you if they are working or not.

    I definitely have quite alot of new growth which is reassuring :)!

    My take on it now is .... it is what it is and apart from taking the supplements there is nothing further I can do and getting stressed about it won't help so I have calmed down, I havn't got any bald patches after 8 weeks of loosing it so fingers crossed it will slow down or stop soon.

    Fingers crossed that yours starts to slow soon and it sounds like it will grow back thicker over the next weeks and months!


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