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halagen oven


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I have a halogen oven, it is fab, so much quicker than cooking in an ordinary oven. Only problem is you have to put dishes in from the top, in the door with an oven. So when the dish is hot and its nearly the same size as the bowl then you have to be careful not to burn yourself.

Thats the only down side, wouldn't be without mine now.

Would have thought it was cheaper as you don't need to pre-heat before using.



Slow but sure....
Yes, I have one - I only bought it 3 weeks ago and it's brilliant, I couldn't be without it now.

It is an ideal oven to work in conjuction with the SW diet, it does SW chips, roasties and wedges to perfection.

I have cooked a full breakfast in it, a lemon meringue pie, steamed veggies, even cooked jacket potatoes in it too, as well as lot's of other food. I love it.
my sister calls me mrs gadget!!.I love kitchen gadgets, i have a halogen oven ,yes it does what it says on the box.I have made SW quiche (leek mushroom and chicken) , jacket spuds (with crispy skins) steaks .Going to try a casserole next. wendy

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My daughter has one ............... and loves it - she made me a "baked jacket potato" last time I was round and it was really crispy skinned and tasty!
They are also doing 3 easy payments just now which is fab.


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i think mine is the best thing since sliced bread its a lot quicker than a normal oven and you can cook more or less anything in it and they clean themselves, just put some soapy water in and set to wash and its done


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I had a look at the one Asda were selling for £60 and what puts me off is that it looks quite big. Too big to leave out on the worktop all the time and would take up a lot of cupboard space. Also I think that you're less likely to use something when you have to pull it out of the cupboard and set it up every time you want to use it.
We've been looking at these too, since some enthusiastic recent posts! PROlectrix do a 7litre one for around £35, but we've only seen this in Makro, not accessible to everyone. I would THINK that this would be big enough for 2 people - can anyone confirm?

We've looked in all the supermarkets, Currys and Comet, none of whom have them down here! The only other place that we've seen them is in Robert Dyas, where they had 10litre JML one for £59.99, and a 12litre PROlectric one reduced from £99.99 to £49.99 (or so the label said!).

But it was HUGE!!! I totally agree with everything Circes says about too big to leave out on the worktop, and I'm really envious of anyone who could find cupboard space for it - it would probably have to go into the shed here, if we could carry it that far, it was very heavy as well!!!

However, the staff were very helpful, undid one of the boxes and let us have a look at the booklet. We were totally put off by the suggested cooking times! As far as we can remember, it was 45minutes for a jacket potato - we're used to doing ours in about 6minutes in the microwave, OK, without the lovely crispy skin that we both enjoy, but even so...!!!

The other thing that bothers me is just how BRIGHT is the light? Does it really glare in your eyes, or not as bad as that? The reason I ask is that hubby bought me a SAD lamp last Autumn, one with LED bulbs, and I had to stop using it - it felt like it was burning my eyes! (I'm DREADING the clocks change on 25th October, but that's another story!).

It would be really great if some of you could find the time to post some cooking times, or, even better, some "Halogen Oven Recipes" for those of us who are totally undecided. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who'd be very grateful!!!

Many Thanks in advance!
Many thanks lesserme for the link - and for starting the thread, it will be very useful to lots of people.

We're still undecided. As confirmed microwave sluts we're so used to very quick cooking times, and I'm still worried about the glare.

Thanks again - Roz.


is getting better at it
you cant actually see the bulb unless you arelower than the oven, your best bet if you have sky is to gotothe shopping channels and watch the one which is selling the oven, i live in a tiny little flat where my kitchen is in my living room and it stays on the work surface all the time, i cook a whole chicken in mine in an hour and roast spuds in 30 mins, you basically take the cooking times and temps as for an electric fan oven, i have always cooked with gas before but now i prefer this.
as for recipes just do a search for halogen oven recipes and you will find 100s
hope this helps but you are best tryin g to find the shopping channel and watching


Loves living in the sun
I live in a small apartment without much kitchen space, but as I use my halogen oven so much then I leave it out on the side. Its not too big.

I find a lot of oven pots I put in it are only slightly smaller than the bowl so I definately wouldn't go for the smaller option - think you would be restricted on what you could cook in it.

Very many thanks girls for all your valuable - and extremely quick -responses!

I'm really grateful for all the additional information, it has given hubby and me lots more to think about. Still not sure, but very many thanks for your time!

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