Half Marathon

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Well done on signing up for a half marathon. I ran a 10k last year and would love to do a half marathon, think i will do another 10k this year and try half next year.
I would agree with you though, extra easy plan would be a good plan to use as you are getting a mix of your carbs and protein, maybe add a couple of green days a couple of days before the race itself but even then i would think extra easy would work just as well as you would stillbe having your carbs - a nice big spag bol, yummy.
Good luck.


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I'd say the training is more important!! As long as you eat healthily then it shouldn't really matter which plan you follow.
I did a half marathon some years back and I trained a lot, it was still one of the hardest things I ever did though. Good luck with it hun.


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Best of luck to you mate! My line manager and I are doing the 10k for sport relief this year! Training starts as soon as the snow has gone!


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Good luck. I am going to try a 10k this year, don't think I will be ready for a half mara as can really only manage 5k now. I reckon EE would be fine, because of the flexibility. Good luck!!


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Red on your rest days and gym days to beef up the protien and muscle growth and Green for training days for the carbs. double your fluid intake very taining day and treble on your running days.



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ello if u want exercise tips.. do 10% increase every week. ASICS | Running Shoes and Apparel | Anima Sana In Corpore Sano | United Kingdom if u enter the details of the type of marathon you're doing and where etc they can set up a program for you free of charge. also take an ipod with your fav music. i was going to the london half marathon last year and got aminor back injury which put me off :(

also make sure u got the proper training shoes. if u want go to somewhere like decathlon as they can put a machine on ur foot and u run and they tell you wot type of runner u are and what particular shoes u need for the type of running u do


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Good luck and stick to your training. Relax - you'll get round - and it doesn't matter if you don't run all the way - enjoy it. Save yourself for a good finish - and remember that moment you cross the line for a really really really long time!