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Half way through foundation tomorrow


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I have just been thinking I have my WI tomorrow and just realised I'm half way through foundation. It has wizzed by, not without its ups and downs. I have come on here many a time and felt like giving up but I have been encouraged by you all in some way or another. I feel now that this site is priceless in its ability for us all to share our journey, like they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Looking forward to my meeting tomorrow and hope to have a good lose, I haven't cheated up until now but have been tempted so lets hope I can stay on the straight and narrow for the next 50 days. :character00238:
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ooooh well done you. I only wish I was that far along. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, ours is drawing to a close. 2 or 3 weeks left, and 2 of our group left last night to start RTM. Feels weird its nearing the end. Only at least 2 of us are going into Development together. The others have not made up their minds yet. I am glad the one going on is who she is - I quite like her and we have bonded well.

But yeah - man - the time has flown by!

I still am in awe I have not eaten any conventional food in 70 days - never ever believed I coudl do that!!!

Keep at it Lola - you are doing great.



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betty you will not beleive how quick the time flys, some of ladys in the group are now going to rtm because they have reached there ideal weight. They only had three stone to lose and they have done it.


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Thanks BL, now that your ladys have gone to rtm will you be joined by others going on to maintenance. I to have bonded well with the ladies that are leaving so it will be sad to not be together
Blimey I would love to achieve my goal in 50 days but I think I'll be lucky to achieve it in the 100 days but I have said I am only doing it for 100 days then hoping to lose the rest on RTM. If I still had a stone to lose could I lose that on RTM.


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Hi Lola, i started my second half last Thursday, but I guess I'm lucky, men are only in foundation for 8 weeks. I still have quiet a way to go before I reach my ideal weight, and know that that won't happen before I finish foundation. Like Betty, I am wondering whether to finish off in RTM or continue into development and see how it goes? Guess that'll depend on how much more I have to lose in 3 weeks and 2 days time I guess.


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Hi corey I have started another thread with regards to when we can start rtm, would love to start after foundation but worried the weight loss will stop
I am going to try to go all the way to goal before foundation, but thats a lonnnng time away. If I get there, and have lost my motivation, or am going crazu, or anything like that, I think I would consider starting RTM 10-15 away from goal. Closer to 10.

I think, and I may be wrong, that the losses is RTM are only for the first few weeks. Deb or Ali - if you are peeking in, is that about right or are you still dropping?
I'm planning that if needs be (and I think they will) I'll be doing abstinence till about the 18th July (LOL not that I'm being exact there .... but I am!) - then I'm going to go into RTM and stick to that through my holiday .... if I stick to this completely (and I sooooooooo aim to) till July then I should almost be at target when I finish abstinence.

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