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  1. size102b

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    Hi I am 1/2 way to goal exactly.

    53lbs lost 53lbs to go !

    It's taken 8 & 1/2 months and tbh that's the easy part as the novities worn off :(
    I don't actually feel I'll lose much more as I'm losing snd gaining weekly and I'm sticking at it.


    I have to keep going as I never want to go back to the weight I was and I'm hoping the fear will keep me on track thus time.
    I don't like pp, to much veg and fruit and having ibs it's mDe it worse so I'm going to have to look at other v low pp foods to keep me going. I was rarely hungry on discover plan but I'm hungry all the time on pp and I've lost my mojo

    If your Reading this at start of your journey I'd just like to say although I'm roughing it out ATM I love my new life style but personal problems are making it harder at the mo, but I used to comfort eat to get through them now I don't to me thus is my personal achievement and if you like me have emotional eating problems we can relearn how nit to turn to food so I suppose this is one good reason why losing slow is better as it's staying off and helping me relearn how to not eat for emotions.

    Here's to the last 53lbs though I think it will take 18 months xx
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  3. zebredy

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    Well done on the weight lose so far..

    I get where you are coming from, I don't have ibs or anything like that (not 100% what that is exactly but think I know) but I have found even when eating kinda as much as on the old plan (but different things) I'm more hungry on the PP system and feel worse for it.

    Maybe I need to look at exactly what I am eating too?

    Had headaches on off all week and feeling more tired then normal.

    I'm really umming and arring about going back to the old system/plan as I never felt like this on that plan.

    Also very worried about giving myself a migraine, as I hate the dam things, there the bane of my life.

    Don't know exactly what I have been doing differently this year but got two migraines (not big ones) due to playing game cube games on the Wii with controllers that were not wireless like the Wii ones so had to sit a lot closer which I think didn't help, plus the different graphics etc (not to sure on this) might not have helped as well.

    Suppose it helped on the old plan that I new the points for the things I liked to eat a lot, off the top of my head without double checking and second guessing myself. This time I keep worrying I will eat to much then not have enough points left for a decent meal as I think always dipping into the 49 extra points every single night is a bad habit for me to get into (just me)

    Anyway hope that you feel better soon, I have WI tonight and if I see a gain I'm not going to be a happy bunny at all..
  4. charjoelily

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    was WW now Dukan
    Well done hun, you've done amazingly well :)

    I'm in a similar place as you. I loved the discover plan and dislike propoints (i'll keep trying on propoints for the next month to see how my loss is on it..if not good I'll go back to pointing as before). I'm hungry often too (in fact I had a binge yesterday because of it, leaving me 7 points of the slush fund to cover the next 5 days oops).

    I just wanted to say, stick with it. if you feel much better now just imagine how wonderful you'll feel at goal.

    Hugs and heres to the next 53lbs xxx
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  5. kagome75

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    well done hun! Wow, 53 lbs loss is an amazing achievement! You will see, even if it does take other 18 months to get to goal (which I doubt, because the more you lose the healthier you become and the more eager you are to lose weight :) I have a very good feeling about these 53 lbs!) you WILL get there, and how proud are you gong to be when you'll step on the scales at the weight you've always dreamt to be?

    PS: you're looking amazing already hun, do you really need to lose another 53 lbs?
  6. purple_rain

    purple_rain Silver Member

    Well done!!:party0019:
    I can't really comment on the rest of your journey because im only at the begining of mine but 'You are amazing and an inspiration to everyone!' Your are always here on hand to give everyone support so i hope that we do the same for you.
    Good luck for the rest of your journey!
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  7. Flowerbags

    Flowerbags Member

    You've done so incredibly well. Please don't be too hard on yourself.

    I was thinking about some of the comments yesterday particularly, as like me, you said you weren't enjoying the new plan. I was trying to figure out why I might be feeling like this and I think it's because I felt in control with the Discover plan. My weight's been out of control for so long and when I started at WW and got into the swing of it I felt I could continue enjoying my food, control it and still lose weight.

    In my mind, even if I stay where I am for a month or so and then psych myself up for the next leg down at least I won't be back where I started. I'm also in the camp of thinking that the longer it takes to come off the easier it will be to keep it off.

    You will find your mojo again but just take your time and remember how far you've come.
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  8. Mags12

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    Wow hun you have done amazingly well! 53lbs is fantastic and I agree with Kagome you look brilliant xx
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  9. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Thanks hun just have to get our heads around the new I suppose xx

    ahh thanks alot I think we will get our heads around the new way of pointing and in the meantime we have each other to muddle through hey,I never think im going to lose anymore so hope I can get to goal,good luck to you too xx

    lol thanks julia yes Im afraid I have lots to lose 13st 6 this morning 2lbs to 4 stone :wave_cry:come on the 12s too :wave_cry: ,I am a size 16 but I think my boobies ae 2 stones each lol :eek: Thanks for all your support I hope I do as well as you xxx
    Ah thanks all support is v v welcome,I know the next part of the journey is going to be harder the last 4 months have been so tough but I will get there sand thankyou for all your support ,good luck to you also :Dxx

    Yes Im thinking why dont I like it its like you say,I also knew discovery like the back of my hand suppose thats not good as we get complaciant.Thankyou for your support we will do this hey :D xx

    OOOO thankyou :eek: thats real kind xx
    Heres to us all getting to goal staying there and having the life we put on hold :D xxthanksxx

    Thankyou for all your kind replies means alot I am happier after going to meeting last night I dont know why but I thinbk I know I can do this,just 4 months and -11lbs is naff and I feel its the new coil I had in July after 17 weeks of losses then lbs on of on off on off and I am v good on plan.
    Good Luck guys :thankyou::grouphugg:xxx
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